Library Lines

Shocking Revelation in Pocahontas County author Jack O. Moore will be back in Pocahontas County and visiting two of our libraries on Tuesday, September 2. He will be at the McClintic Library at 2 p.m. and at the Green Bank Library at 7 p.m. Just in case there is still someone out there who hasn’t read this book, Shocking Revelation in Pocahontas County is the story of Maggie, a young newspaper reporter who leaves family and friends behind in the Chicago area and finds herself on a road trip which tests her character and her judgment. She finds herself in Snowshoe, Pocahontas County, where she meets Bucky, a local county businessman. In addition to this interesting young man, Maggie finds herself being drawn into a local murder trial, with drama and dilemmas around every corner. For those of you who read and enjoyed Maggie’s story, you’ll be happy to know that Moore has written a sequel, The Daughter’s Dilemma. We revisit Maggie and Bucky; Maggie is trying to resolve many questions, some rather disturbing, about her father, while Bucky must deal with his attraction to Maggie, and a girlfriend who vows that if she can’t have Bucky, no one will. Events rapidly spiral into life or death situations, and the question remains, Will love triumph over all? Moore has several other titles that he will have on-hand to discuss. Go Get Eva, a true story of the Appalachian Mountains during the Great Depression, and of a woman who struggled to survive while helping others do the same. Shades of America is a collection of poetry focusing on themes of patriotism, sacrifice and honor. My Outdoor Buddy, a spiral-bound journal for hikers, campers and any outdoor enthusiasts, and Veiled Revenge, his newest novel of two families whose lives seem to be forever intertwined as the years pass and resentments live on. Moore grew up in Stony Bottom along the Greenbrier River. He attended a one-room school, and went from humble beginnings to receiving a Bachelor of Science from the University of Charleston, a four-year stint as an Air Force Traffic Control instructor and eventually took on a career in management in Southern California. Let’s give Mr. Moore a warm homecoming on Tuesday, September 2.

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