Library Lines

I always try to write my Library Lines on Sunday mornings, so I can get it to The Pocahontas Times well before the deadline.

Sunday, November 10, when I sat down at my computer, I quickly checked Facebook to see what was going on – and saw those unbelievable pictures of the destruction of an entire block of downtown Marlinton. To be honest, all thoughts of Library Lines flew out of my head as I continued to watch and worry throughout the day.

I kept thinking about our firefighters, hoping they were safe. I was so relieved to hear none of the residents on that block were injured, which is a true blessing. I marveled at the number of other fire departments who responded, determined to help Marlinton in her time of need. They came from all over the county, and neighboring counties as well. As you know, that’s no short drive!

I remembered the last time I ran into the Dirt Bean, got a latte and mooned over the cookies (but held firm.) I was thinking about the cute plaques I bought my mom last year at Hudson’s, and was wondering what she had in stock this year. I was thinking about getting my bangs trimmed at Jan’s (Corner Salon) place, since I hadn’t been in there yet. I wanted to make sure the WIC offices knew about Pocahontas County being back in Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library program. And as I watched posted videos of the fire, I thought, “It’s all gone.”

So, let me just say thank you.

Monday, November 11, on Veterans Day, we thought of those who served our country and secured our freedoms. But you know as well as I that heroes come in all shapes and forms. We had a huge contingent of heroes in our small town Sunday, and through Sunday night. Thank you to the firefighters, thank you to the 911 Center and the Red Cross and thank you to every citizen who stepped in Monday morning and planned for the future.

Marlinton is not done, or defeated. These bad times make us focus on how good things are during the good times, and they make everyone pull together and work even harder to restore those good times.

We can’t appreciate the blessings without suffering and understanding the tragedies.


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