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Library Lines

This week I’d like to introduce you to the library’s new VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America), Christine Holsinger. Christine is from Williamsburg, Virginia, and will be volunteering for the libraries for the next year. She is going to help us recruit volunteers and then hopefully launch a few new outreach programs.

We have a small core of dedicated volunteers at each branch. But quite often, when I talk about volunteering at the library, people think of shelving books, running the front desk, things like that. Actually, I would love to expand our base of volunteers to include people with more varied skills and talents. I could use gardeners, party planners, handyman/fix-it guys, drivers and so on. Whatever your interest happens to be, there may be a way you could help the libraries.

So if you have electrical knowledge, you would be a great person for us to have in our volunteer database. Obviously we wouldn’t need you to volunteer on a regular basis; but if something happened, or if I had an idea (motion sensor lights?) you would be a person I could call on for some volunteer help.

Once we get a good base of volunteers, we would also need a Volunteer Coordinator. A VC could help us make sure our evening hours are covered – we still need those volunteers – or make calls to round up the party planners if an event is being planned.

The outreach programs I would like to see get started involve delivering books to shut-ins. Sometimes the weather is such that our elderly patrons don’t feel safe venturing out. Or sometimes an illness keeps someone at home. If we had drivers, we could deliver materials to those who can’t get out. I have some other ideas that I’m mulling over, involving children reading to the shelter animals and installing a rotating collection of books at the Senior Centers. With a good group of volunteers, we can expand our services outside the library’s physical walls, and reach even more people.

If any of this sounds interesting, please stop by McClintic Library and visit with Christine. She has a desk set up, and she has a new, improved volunteer application that outlines various interests and needs. If you currently volunteer, stop by anyway. You may see one of your favorite hobbies listed as a need for the library. The other branches in the county also have this new application. You don’t have to volunteer at McClintic—we all can use volunteers.


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