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Library Lines

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to our recent fundraiser. We couldn’t do what we do without all of you!

Donations: Margaret Baker, Sherman and Mary Alice Beard, Richard and Julia Bird, John and Karen Bowers, Peggy Brill, Laura M. Brooks and Joe Khoury, James and Elizabeth Bullard, Frank Burkett, Mike and Mary Sue Burns, JoAnna Burt-Kinderman, Captain Phillip Bush, II, Herman and Louise Butcher, Michael and Joyce Carpenter, Opal Chamelin, Susan Chappell, David Christensen, Jack and Judith Clark, Gracie F. Collins, Michael Corley, Cranberry Piecemakers Quilt Guild, Fred and Marguerite Crews, Harold Crist, David Curry, Edray CEOs, Robert and Debbie Ervine, Missy Ervine, Mary Jane Galford, Galford’s Body Shop, Gesundheit! Institute, Jim and Linda Gibb, Leslie Jones Goodall, William and Sue Hevener, Myrna Hooker, David B. Horne, Gladys and James Johansson, Larry and Sharon Kearns, Moreau A. Keller, Jr., Kimberly Kellison, Gibbs Kinderman, Jay Kniceley, Glenn Langston and Katherine Lafleur, Elsie Lipscomb, Elizabeth Little, Jay and Elizabeth Lockman, Dorothy Lovelace, Jean and David Lovelace, Ron and Nancy Maddalena, Al McCutcheon, J. Bruce and Freda McKean, Forrest and Doris McLaughlin, Denise and Bill McNeel, MHS Class of 1964, Cathy Mosesso, Mary Jean Moss, National Radio Astronomy Observatory, New Hope Lutheran Church, Roger and Kathy Norrod, Donald and Patricia Nottingham, James M. Nottingham, Pocahontas Center, John Rebinski, Janet Reynolds, John and Sharon Rockefeller, Ray and Sue Schultz, Grace Williams Sharpenberg, Ernie and Barbara Shaw, Betty J. Smith, Dr. Luis Soriano, Nancy and Robert Steele, Dorothy Sutton, Larry Sutton, Swago CEOs, Veronica Swink, Patricia Hefner Tallman, Mrs. Truda Underwood, Eugene J. Ward, Leroy Webb, Rene White, Brenda Williams, Wilfred L. Wooddell, Helen Woolridge and Connie and Steve Zeitler

In Honor or Memory Donations: Harry and Brenda Aldridge (Linda Lou Sheets andDanny Sheets), J. P. and Mary Ann Alonso (Forrest Wooddell), Hope McComb Andrick (Eldridge and Charley McComb), Don and Donna Beard (Jesse Brown Beard Powell), Robert and Marian Bittle (Forest Wooddell), William M. Browning (Ariana Browning), Barbara Keys Bryner (Warren Blackhurst), William Buzzard (Loren Buzzard), Denise Campbell (Logan Campbell), Barbara Campbell (Lucy Jackson Warner), Jack and Carol Casey (Mrs. Anna Mae Boothe), Cheryl Cassell (Mary Jane Galford), Renee A. Chocklett (Dewey E. Ross), Pearl Clarkson (Russell Clarkson), Betty Neil Cutlip (Richard Hill Cutlip), Mickey Deike (Emma Beard), Sara Emery (Gary Crane and Louise Christensen), Raymond and Wanda Fayo (Sally Hatmaker), Dorothy Fendt (Virginia Ruth Shinaberry), Charlotte C. Galford (Neal Cassell), Katherine Garber (Phyllis Scruggs), Yvonne Gilmore Gum (Arthur Gilmore, Robert and Wawa Gilmore), Paul and Exa Hardee (Norma Mikesell), John and Karen Harris (Macel and Virgil Harris), Linda Hawkins (Jane Mospan), Deborah H. Hoeper (Mary Catherine Jenkins), Homer R. Hunter (Dolan Irvine), Sue Hunter (Jennalee Meck), Cynthia Jamison (Harold Wooddell), Dorothy Johnson (Devon Johnson), Kenneth Kellermann (Henny and David Kellermann), Walter Killinger (Norma Killinger), Carolyn and Daniel Knight (All Hard-Working Librarians), Mildred Potter Leffman (Tweard Blackhurst), Patricia Matthews (Norma Mikesell), David and Martha Meadows (Mary Ann Eader), Jack O. Moore (Mary Dare Moore), Judy and Joseph Paap (Norma Mikesell), Mary L. Paul (Merlin E. Paul), Carolyn Phillips (George Phillips), Walter Ralston (Class of 1946-Green Bank High School and Harold Wooddell), Phillip M. Sabree (Forrest Wooddell), Karen Mullenax Senger (Gayle Mullenax), Connie Sharp (Goldie Burgess), Jane Price Sharp and Jane Jessee Sharp (Ed Stemple), Charles Sheets (Harold Wooddell and Bunny Vance), Ron Swanberg (H. deBalzac), Steven and Ronda Swenson (Dewey E. Ross), Albert Taylor (Katherine J. Taylor), Mary A. Turley (Norma Mikesell), Valena V. Vogler (Norma Mikesell), Samantha Von Der Heydt (Norma Mikesell), Eugene and Wilma Walker (Norma Mikesell), Donald and Connie Waybright (Forrest Wooddell) and Carter Zerbe (Fanny Carter Zerbe).


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