Library Lines

The following individuals and business have generously donated financially to the Pocahontas County Libraries and Visitor Information Centers during the past fiscal year – since July 1, 2020. We are grateful for their contributions. Donors are listed in alphabetical order, with in “honor of” or in “memory of” listed in parenthesis.

Harry and Brenda Aldridge (Allen Sheets and Jimmie Sheets), Leslie and Sonia Badillo, Margaret Baker (Kassidy Long), Leslie A. Baldwin, Charles Ballou, Dawn Baldwin Barrett, Richard and Julia Bird (Lucy Moore), John and Karen Bowers (Glendle W. Smith), Burwell and Phyllis Boykin, Sean Brain, Georgiana Bray, Jack and Arlene Breder, Laura M. Brooks, MD, William H. Brown (Ruth W. Brown), Pat and Bill Browning (Ariana and Izzi), Jim and Beth Bullard, John Buly, Kevin Burgess (Deborah Burgess), Mary Sue and Mike Burns, Capt. Phillip B. Bush II, USN (Ret), Dave Buzzard (Loren Buzzard), Denise Campbell (Logan Campbell), Carole  Casey (Anna Mae Boothe), Cheryl Cassell (Mary Jane Galford), Virginia and Julia Cassells, Opal Chamelin (Mr. and Mrs. Tom Clutter), Steven and Linda Chapman (Jon Burris), Pearl Clarkson, David and Carole Cobb, Michael Corley (Linda Knupp), Harold Crist (Betty Ruth Crist), Bill and Jean Crum, Bruce and Bonnie Cunningham, Betty Neil Smith Cutlip (Richard Hill Cutlip), Christine Dietzel, Elaine Diller, Richard and Linda Donnelly, Ellen Doyle, Cheryl Duff (Richard Duff), Jane Dumire, Nancy and Dennis Egan, Maxine M. Elbon (Richard Elbon), Thomas and Dorothy Fraker, George and Audrey Friel, Karen G. Friel, JoAnn Fromhart (Fred Fromhart), Lee and Dorothea Fuqua, Kathy Garber (Phyllis Scruggs), Bob, Bev, Audrey and Anna Gibb (Linda Gibb), Good Life Financial LLC, Leslie Jones Goodall, Roger and Lucinda Gosden, Jaynell Graham, Calvin and Rhodanna Hall (Our Parents), Scott  Hammontree, Mary-Linda Hampton (Madeline Bilyard), Josh Hardy, Karen Harris, Janice Hatfield (Ina Montgomery), Lindsey Hayes, Sue Ann Heatherly, Tim and Kathy Henry, Richard Hess, William and Sue Hevener, Elizabeth C. Hoag, Deborah Hoeper (Bill Burner Family), Rosalie Hill Holder (A.S, Bonnie and Jim Hill), Carolyn Hook, Homer R. Hunter, Sue Hunter (Jim Hunter), Sidney and Carolyn Jack, Ed and Helen Keller, Gibbs Kinderman (John Geiger), Carolyn and Daniel R. Knight (Hard-Working Librarians), Elizabeth Little, Jay and Elizabeth Lockman, Norris Long (Bus and Ursula Long), Ed and Jonelle Lowe, Creola V. Loyd,  (Curtis Curry), Lois Lynch (Patrick Lynch), Ron and Nancy Maddalena, Ann Magnuson, Marlinton Lion’s Club, Marlinton Woman’s Club (Deceased Club Members), Ira and Brenda Maupin, Clare McDaniel, J. Bruce and Freda McKean, Quincy and Peggy McMillion, Denise and William McNeel, Martha Meadows (Mary Ann Eader), Margaret and Norman Melton, MHS Class of 1959 (H.A. Yeager, Jr.), James M. Nottingham, Green Bank Observatory, Michael W. Odell, D. C. Offutt Jr. (Larry Offutt), Leon K. Oxley, Kathryn and Troost Parker, Scott and Kate Parker, Patricia Parr, Mary R Ralston (Thelma Sheets), Jack Ramey (Frances Ramey), Joseph M. Romano, Robert Rose, Terri Saunders, Raymond and Sue Schultz, Karen Mullenax Senger (Paul and Gayle Mullenax), Connie Sharp (Goldie Burgess and Mazie Burgess), Gretchen Sharp, Jane Sharp and Charles Rardin (Jane Price Sharp), Rebekah Sharp (Joann and Bob Etter), Victoria Jane and John Sharp (Jane Price Sharp), Ernie and Barbara Shaw (Betty Smith), Barbara Sharp Smith (County Health Care Workers), D. Mark Smith and Kyle Tomer, David Spitzer (Helen Spitzer), Lee Stilwell, Richard and Teresa Swift, Merrily Taylor, Jeannie K. Todaro (Virginia Cassells), Roger Trusler (Glenna Hayes), Donald Vannoy and Anne Newman (Phil Vannoy), Glenda VanReenan, Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 1100, Stephen and Tamara Vincent (Marge Vincent), Sue and Lindsey Vint (Albert E. Vint), Waco Oil and Gas Co. Inc., Arlene and Lucian Walton, Jonathan Wasko (Snowshoe Ski Patrol), Victor and Gloria Watson, Westridge Homeowners Association, Oreana White, Brenda Williams, Kyle Williams, Gil and Mary Willis, James Withrow and Michele Grinberg, Helen Woolridge, Solomon and Anne Workman, and Tom Yanko (Bentley –my dog).

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