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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor;

I would like to commend Sam Felton for writing an excellent thoughtful piece about our country. He mentioned the Fourth of July, which is a very important day.

To my disgust, I recently heard that there is a movement going on to do away with that day, including to do away with our history.

Our country is under attack by the extreme left. Very sad what is going on today. Just hope people are paying attention. If these people get their way, we are doomed.

Let’s fight for our country.

Many have done that and lost their lives.

Like the mayor says, God Bless America.

Lewis Collins

Dear Editor;

On Sunday, July 5, Dominion Energy and Duke Energy announced the cancellation of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) “due to ongoing delays and increasing cost uncertainty which threaten the economic viability of the project.”

Hundreds of Pocahontas County citizens and friends joined alongside thousands of other citizens in West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina in active opposition to the ACP. Experts told us we had no chance to stop the well-funded, politically connected Dominion and Duke. We persevered against the odds, educating ourselves to understand the pipeline and learning how to be engaged citizens in the democratic process of our nation.

Sadly, the ACP caused division in our rural communities between those for and those against the pipeline. Some of our neighbors will be upset at the pipeline cancellation as they forgo the impermanent high paying jobs and temporary spending into our local businesses that construction would have brought. I recognize their frustration. I pray that our shared love for our communities will ultimately draw us together.

I am so grateful for the privilege to volunteer alongside many committed citizens toward this accomplished goal, and then for the important next steps of building together a vibrant future for all of us.

Allen Johnson

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