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Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

I just want to take a moment and commend the ED staff who were working at Pocahontas Memorial Hospital on Friday, October 11.

I was vacationing in Seebert with my family and had a bicycle accident while riding on the Greenbrier River Trail.

From the time of my arrival, the hospital staff could not have been more professional. Their concern for my injuries helped put my anxiety at ease.

The nursing staff of Mary and Brittany were always pleasant and attentive. Brittany’s bedside manner was sincere and caring. Yvette, while taking me to x-ray, handled me with care and consideration. Dr. Johnson was concise in his evaluation and communicated his diagnosis as to the extent of my injuries. He explained to me his diagnosis, his treatment plan, my follow-up instructions, and I felt as if I had his undivided attention while asking my questions.

At discharge, Anna was thoughtful as she gathered my information. Given the fact that my injuries were certainly putting a damper on my weekend of fishing and bike riding, the visit to the ED did not add to my stress, but helped relieve it due to the highly professional staff.

I also appreciated the follow-up call to check on me after I returned home.

As we come to this area often, it gives me comfort to know that should I be in need of medical services, I will be handled with care. How fortunate for the citizens of Pocahontas County to have such a great medical facility with such professional employees to take care of them in their time of need.

Thank you.
Mary Pat Hanson
Barboursville, Virginia

To the Editor:

I had the privilege Friday, October 11, of attending LOLA’s special opera performance for the Marlinton Elementary School.
I love opera. I love LOLA – they are from Austin, Texas, where we live most of the year, but I was blown away by the MES students and their teachers, who work with them everyday to prepare them for encountering different experiences.

Brynn Kusic, the Opera House Creative Director, also did a great job of setting response expectations and helping the students feel the physical effect of the big opera voices.

The children were attentive, engaged and full of great questions for the performers. My favorites were, “Did you like opera when you were a kid?” and “How did you learn so many languages?” (The answers were, “No, but I know kids who do like opera,” and “We have to study the song lyrics to learn what they mean and how to pronounce them, but we are not fluent speakers of all these languages.”)

Teachers reported that as the students filed back to the school, many were having fun practicing operatic gestures and voices. At least one student convinced her mother to bring her back Saturday night to hear more.

I am proud to be a part-time resident of this community that is committed to opening the minds (and ears) of young people.

Thank you, teachers, administrators, School Board and Opera House for all that you do.

Margot Marshall

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