Dear Editor:
I would like to inform residents of Pocahontas County of a local business whose civic-mindedness deserves our recognition and gratitude.
As President of the Humane Society of Pocahontas County (HSPC), I recently had the pleasure of meeting Laura Dent and Fred Palmer of Al’s Upper Inn Club in Durbin.
The reason for this meeting was to receive a monetary donation that had been collected for HSPC during a fundraising event at their restaurant.
Al’s Upper Inn Club invited the public to come and enjoy a free, plentiful and tasty Thanksgiving feast, complete with all the fixins. And did I mention, it was free! I understand that this was not the first time that Al’s Upper Inn Club has raised money for worthy causes.
During the dinner, guests were directed to a large jar on the bar designated for donations to a local charity, in this case, it was the HSPC.
Al’s Upper Inn Club collected more than $1,000 for the HSPC during the Thanksgiving fundraiser. We have earmarked this generous donation to be used in our spay/neuter voucher program, particularly in the upper end of the county.
We greatly appreciate Laura Dent and Fred Palmer and the patrons of Al’s Upper Inn Club for their thoughtful and community-minded support of local charities and especially, the HSPC.
They intend to do this again next Thanksgiving, so, if you’re not of a mind to cook, check out Al’s Upper Inn Club – get a great meal and do a good deed at the same time. And why wait ‘til then? Let’s all get up to Durbin, visit these good neighbors and sample some tasty food.
Chip Adkins, President
Humane Society of
Pocahontas County

Dear Editor:
Although ultimately a County Commission probably doesn’t have the legal clout to prohibit construction of a pipeline, its opinion expressed to the federal agency which does have the clout should have some influence. And a County Commission can change its mind from support to denial.
Dick Evans

Dear Editor:
I would like to express my views on why the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline is not a viable project for Pocahontas County. As a business and land owner who has contributed to the work force and tax revenues of state and local government for 30 years, I firmly believe this is not a positive direction forward for the county and region it will effect. As the proposed route leaves the Monterville area the route crosses four karst drainages that flow into the Elk River. The amount of blasting, dirt and tree removal that are necessary could have adverse effects on the river, trout fishing, wells, springs and caves, as well as native trout streams on private property. I did not grow up in Pocahontas County and can’t say I’m a native, but I have always heard from the locals how much they value their hunting and fishing resources. From what I have observed, West Virginians stay here even though they may earn less money, to raise families because they value quality farm life, clean drinking water, trout fishing, safety and much more. This rural lifestyle that is often taken for granted is threatened if you live, farm or recreate near this proposed project.
Our county has hundreds of camps, vacation homes, cabins and retirees living here and contributing to our county economy. Our small towns and hamlets will, over time, fail to attract retiring natives to return home. This project will have a dramatic effect on everyone’s property values, especially if you live within 1-2 miles of the route. If we want to keep our county clean and strong, add more jobs and get people to return, this is not the solution.
On the other side of the argument ACP has dangled a few jobs and tax income in front of our county officials and residents. Maybe I would be willing to consider this project if they provided inexpensive gas to our residents, especially senior citizens and residents who live on a fixed income, but this is not being offered at this time. The money made from the ACP will most likely be for out of state millionaires who stand to make billions of dollars in the long term. The hard facts about the tax revenue from this project will need to be studied in detail. I’m sorry, but trusting another guy in a suit at a County Commission meeting has not worked out in the past. Does the ACP gas leave the US to be sold in Europe or the far east? Several years back when this project was first discussed they (ACP) denied this claim but now I understand they are building a loading facility to handle special tankers to effectively ship our farms’ clean water and future overseas.
You will not have a choice if the path they choose to take with this pipeline is your family’s heritage, or your neighbor’s family farm.
Gil Willis
Slaty Fork