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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:
Well, the cowards and bigots have raised their ugly heads again in Pocahontas County.  Interestingly, people like this are really so very insecure and full of low esteem that they try to make themselves seem important by attacking others who may be different than they are.
So graffiti was written on the wall of the Pretty Penny Café in Hillsboro, attacking, with vile, the ethnic and racial origin of members of our community.
No doubt the perpetrators think that they have somehow made a profound statement and are pleased with their hatred.  Indeed, they have made a statement to remind us all that there are still those among us who demonstrate their own hatred of themselves more than their ignorance of others.
It is my hope that law enforcement will somehow find those responsible. Members of the sheriff’s department and the state police are also members of our community.  
The citizens of Hillsboro and nearby communities are part of a close knit social network.  There is no doubt that many know those responsible.
Should this senseless act be allowed to stand, all of us in the entire county are diminished.
Joel Rosenthal

Dear Editor:
It’s disappointing to see a blatant example of racism in our community in the defacing of the Pretty Penny restaurant in Hillsboro. 
Sadly, we still have a long way to go. 
Dick Evans

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