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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

I want to share some thoughts about this pipeline situation.

There are a lot of facts around and that is really good because it is important to understand what is going on here where we all live or at least try to.

Someone said, and it might have been that Hula Hoop Lady, but I read in your paper that this is not just a regular pipeline. Meaning not the pie plate size we are used to around here.

Meaning any valve stations we see are really smaller than they would be through the woods.

This is really true that it is really big, bigger than the Keystone pipeline and the points that I want to make.

People need to know that in order to put this huge pipeline underground that far they will be drilling and blasting through the mountains and the rivers and streams, too. There will be noise and air pollution for years while they build it. Don’t think we’ll have much tourism, I sure wouldn’t come here to visit. The traffic will be really bad.

I think also that if this is such a great idea they should put it somewhere where they have permission or own it already.

I read in your paper that the jobs are for Union workers from other states and the gas goes straight to the water.

So it sure seems that there is nothing in this for us in the area except the mess during and then forever.

Mostly the water situation should be important to everyone.

If you can I would visit Doddridge and  Wetzel County and see for yourself or save the gas money for there is a website of photos and videos at

Thank you for your time,

Most Sincerely,

Neal Williams



Dear Editor:

Hello, again.

This is for my friend who wrote a very exciting article about things of the past and how good it was back in the “good olde days.”

I will have to say I was never really in need of stuff because we, as a family, worked hard and did simple things to enjoy life. Sports, 4-H and farming were the way of life, helping neighbors, strangers and trying to live right. Well, I guess what I was trying to ask or say in my last letter to editor was – what happened to that life?

I joined the US Navy in 1983 and life went by fast and furious until I retired and moved away from the fast life. A lot of good and bad happened over those years which took a toll on my body and soul. I love it up here in the mountains – fresh air, good neighbors and mostly just the slow down of time.

There are a few things that I do not understand. Like why do people have to dump or litter the town they live in, or why so many people talk about others, or think the system owes them something for nothing. We all make our beds, and we need to lie in what we make. I am not better than anyone else. I have many faults, and I try to own up to them when I mess up. I try to stand up for what is right, but seem to get a lot of resistance, and, yes, I am a transplant from Maryland, which is now a suburb of D.C. Farms are almost gone where I lived. A lot of stuff built up, Values lost. And all I’ve got are good memories of days gone by. If we could all work together, use common sense when doing stuff, think before we act, make a plan and then execute that plan maybe a lot of things would be better. Less waste, headaches and people being ticked off or mad and then nothing ever getting done. The big loser in all this is our kids. They see us fighting and fussing, then they grow up doing the same. We need to break the cycle and “do the right thing” whether others think you are right or wrong. Well, my friend, not sure if this answers any questions, but I will offer a home cooked meal if you ever come over here to Marlinton so maybe we can fix the world??

I doubt it, but we could laugh some, watch the kids play, and enjoy the mountain views.

Take care and enjoy the upcoming fall weather.

Carl Kelk


P.S. Our $10 each went to the Food Bank.




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