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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

I am writing to encourage people to come out and express their opinions at the special County Commission meetings about the Snowshoe RAD on Monday, July 7, at 5:30 p.m. and Saturday, July 19, at 10 a.m., both meetings will be held at the courthouse.

I am opposed to the Resort Area District (RAD).

I do not think a company should be allowed to run a town. That is the whole point of the RAD. It would establish a town where only certain people get to vote and Snowshoe is guaranteed four of the seven spots on the town council. This is not fair and goes against the foundations of our country.

Just recently we observed Memorial Day, honoring all who gave their lives defending our freedom, and soon we will celebrate Independence Day, marking our freedom from British tyranny. This Freedom does not end with speech and the right to bear arms, it goes on to the greater right to vote and govern ourselves. This is the real Freedom, to have a voice in our government, to decide what laws are made and who gets to make them. We believe in this so strongly in America, we are willing to send our young men and women to war in other countries half way around the world, so that those people might have a chance to live in this Freedom! Yet here, in our own county a company wants to throw that all away and create a monarchy where the common person does not get a vote and has no say in the laws that they have to live under or how they are enforced. This is repulsive to me and a disgrace to all who fought and died for our Freedom.

I hope you feel strongly about this issue too and can make it out to one of the scheduled meetings.

Matt Tate


Dear Editor:

There are more stories about Bruce Bosley, here’s mine:

I’m 75 years old now but was born in Durbin, and lived there until relocating to Washington, DC when I was in about the seventh grade.

When I think of Bruce Bosley, it’s always about “the hill” – Bruce Bosley Hill.

The Bosley family lived on the hill and in winter all the kids would sled there.

I think Durbin should officially add a sign naming it “Bruce Bosley Hill.”

At one point, Bruce apparently recognized that many of us kids didn’t have a sled.  He built the biggest wooden bobsled and brought it to the hill.  The sled was two-parts. He would always be the “driver” and spent hours pulling the sled back to the top of the hill.  We kids piled up two or three kids deep and away we went down the hill.

I recently asked another old-timer if they remembered the bobsled, and they replied, “oh my, yes. What fun we had!”

I hope Jon Bosley still has the sled in the family somewhere.

And as a matter of interest, it was my brother, Ben Rose, who used his red convertible to drive Mayor John Bosley in a Durbin Days Parade.    We’ve kept our Durbin home in the family and continue to build memories for next generations.

Jane Rose Groat

La Plata, Maryland

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