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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

Dick Evans in Letters to the Editor on July 10, 2019, asked an interesting question. He wondered if I would be in favor of criminalization of tobacco use.

Had the public known early on of the highly addictive nature of nicotine and the devastating relationship between inhalation of tobacco smoke to lung cancer and heart disease, perhaps out-lawing tobacco production would have been a wise consideration.

Let’s not repeat this scenario with marijuana.

Let’s gather facts and weigh the adverse outcomes of legalization of recreational use of marijuana.   

Pat Browning, D.O.

Dear Editor:

As Commander of the Pocahontas County Veterans Honor Corps, I want to thank George Murphy for his comments in last week’s paper concerning proper respect for the flag during summer parades.

As part of the annual Veterans Day activities at all the local schools, the Corps teaches the symbolism of the flag – what it stands for and how to pay proper respect when you encounter the flag. This is taught as a recurring theme each and every year.

As the Corps marched in parades this year, we took inventory to see if the kids were taking some of the lessons home. Unfortunately, it appears that while the lessons have impacted some, it has not impacted others. As a reminder, spectators, if physically able, should get out of their seats and come to attention as the flag approaches. As the flag nears your location, those in uniform should render a proper salute, whether military or law enforcement.

Citizens not in uniform should place their right hand over their heart. Men wearing hats should remove them and hold it over their heart. Military veterans do not need to remove their hats, but should render a proper military salute.

Very simple. 

As a result of our review of crowd respect to the flag, we’d like to recognize the spectators at the Little Levels Heritage festival parade for showing great respect and reverence  for the American flag. We hope this is a positive message to take forward and learn from for next year’s parades. We will continue to teach this honor in the coming weeks as Veteran’s Day approaches.

Remember to show proper respect in honoring the freedoms we enjoy in this great nation and to honor those members of our great nation who have given their lives to keep the flag free.

Rick Wooddell

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