Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor;

About the article published in your paper May 23, 2019, in 75 Years Ago:

“Nathan Rexrode, of Mill Creek, was born March 24, 1870, and died May 1, 1944…”

My name is Gilbert Nathan Rexrode. I was named after my grandad. I was born in Durbin April 10, 1936.

I was with my dad and his brother when we were called to Mill Creek. My granddad was real sick. When we got there, he had passed away.

My dad saw his dad’s watch on the table. He put it in his pocket.

It was an old side winder Railroad Watch – a Waltham.

This was 1944. I was eight years old.

My dad kept the watch until 1985, when he passed away.

My mother gave me the watch in 1986.

I still have it.

In the back it says “Wooddell Jewelry, Marlinton,” so he must have worked on it.

I have been taking your paper for 45 to 50 years.

Gilbert Rexrode
Bradenton, Florida

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