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Letter to the Editor

To the citizens of Pocahontas County:

With Fairs and Parades in full swing, the Pocahontas County Veterans Honor Corps would like to remind everyone of flag etiquette rules for honoring the American Flag when it passes during a parade.

Too often we are seeing a complete disregard for these honors.

Please take the time to read the rules of etiquette below to properly honor the American Flag when it passes you during a parade.

When an American Flag passes:

• Stand up.

• Remove your hat.

• Place your right hand over your heart.

• Stop any conversation you are having.

Note: It is not necessary to salute every American Flag that passes.

• If it is carried by an honor guard or in a group with other flags, stand up and salute (veterans) or pay respect to the Flag.

• Do not salute small hand-held flags carried by parade attendees and participants.

• Teach your children to respect our nation’s Flag.

• If they are given a small Flag, please do not throw it on the ground or in the street.

Information partially provided by the VFW Auxiliary.

Rick Wooddell
PCVHC Commander

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