Dear Editor:
My family has had a camp at “Dodge City” since 1963.
I love Pocahontas County for many reasons. One being the residents.
Last Monday, I absentmindedly drove off on Rt. 28 with my wallet on the bumper of the truck.
When I got to Marlinton and realized what I had done, I was frantic.
As we searched and prayed, I felt there was a good chance of getting it back, knowing the character of the local people.
But, all of my identification in the wallet was for our home in South Charleston.
I want to thank Mr. Wayne Beverage, his wife, Pam, and the young lady I spoke with at the state police office.
Only in Pocahontas Coun-ty could you lose your wallet on a country road, get tracked down, and have it back within an hour.
I am eternally grateful.
Doris “Rusty” Patrick
South Charleston

Dear Editor:
I am on a God-given mission to show that we ought to honor both God and country.  
I do this in a way so as to encourage others by holding up a banner and flag on busy street corners across the USA, and play patriotic music on a small boom box.
Because of the challenge to our freedoms on all fronts, we must now become pro-active as never before, so that this will always be “one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all.”
As I hold the banner and flag, I also pray for people, that God would show them what they too should be doing to defend our freedom.
I was in front of the Lincoln Memorial on the Fourth of July, sharing this message with thousands of people, simply by holding my banner and flag and am now on my way back to California.
Tom Koors
San Rafael, California

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