Dear Editor:
I just have to express my appreciation for a 13-year-old, whose wisdom far outweighs that of many seasoned politicians who are supposed to be leading our great nation.
Trevor Wilson must produce pride in the hearts and minds of his parents, his seventh-grade teacher – and, certainly, this 81-year-old retired educator down here in Lynchburg, Tennessee.
Thanks for publishing Trevor’s essay in the April 30th issue of The Times. I was, at one time, a seventh-grade student at Marlinton Middle School, and I’ve since spent much of my life teaching seventh and eighth graders in public schools of Tennessee.
Trevor is obviously learning the ideals and concepts that I have tried to instill in the minds of my own students.
It is my prayer that Trevor will continue his education, refusing to be sidetracked by secular and socialist professors in the universities, and, perhaps, someday be governor – or senator – or even president of our great nation.
Trevor is not “a foolish kid…searching for what is now a lost cause.”
As long as there are “small town kids from rural West Virginia” who have the wisdom and the vision of this chap, the cause will never be lost.
May God bless my young friend and surround him with His protection as he takes his place among the patriots who have made America exceptional.
Arlo J. Alderman
Lynchburg, Tennessee

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