Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor;

Now that America is nearly back to normal, and summertime activities are picking up, the Pocahontas County Veterans Honor Corps is proud to resume leading the county parades with a display of flags with the American flag leading the way.

We thought it would be a good time to send out a reminder to our citizens on how to pay proper respect to “Old Glory” as she passes by in parades. 

As a rule, parade spectators, if physically able, should do the following until the flag passes by:

• Stand and come to attention as the flag approaches. 

• Citizens not in uniform should place their right hand over their heart. 

• Men should remove their hats and hold it over their heart. 

• Military veterans in civilian clothing do not need to remove their hats, but should render a proper military salute. 

• Members of the military or law enforcement in uniform should render a proper salute.

The rules are quite simple. Standing and saluting in each case shows respect and reverence for the American flag.

We hope this is a positive message for everyone to consider as we honor the freedoms we enjoy in this great nation. For the Honor Corps, it is a humble honor as we recognize those members of our great nation who have given their lives to keep the flag free.

Rick Wooddell
Commander, PCVHC

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