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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor;

After speaking with the Governor’s Office in April of 2020, when the pandemic started, we were given the OK to open our campground to residents of West Virginia. This campground is our primary income.

Without any notification, the council of the Town of Durbin proceeded to contact law enforcement to have us arrested. We are thankful that their attempt failed, but we were still confused as to why this happened.

Trying to understand what led the council to this decision, we asked to see the minutes of their meeting leading up to their decision.  

We were refused, so we still do not know why.

This council is not business friendly. Our business, along with others in this town, has been subjected to their harassment for years.

We have donated the use of our property for years to the Durbin Days Festival. We will no longer be doing that.  
When Durbin has a council that works for the good of this town and the few businesses here, we will reconsider our decision, but not until then.

Marsha and Mark Kane

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