July Weather

The tropical rain forest climate continued through the whole month of July. Temperatures were very close to normal.
July had 24 days of measurable rainfall for a whopping total of 7.45 inches. That is the 11th wettest month in the past 24 years. The previous month of June with 7.10 inches was the 14th wettest and April 2015 with 6.87 inches stands as the 16th wettest in 24 years of recordkeeping.
The normal July rainfall is 4.15 inches so credit the month with 3.30 extra inches.
Year-to-date precipitation now totals 34.47 inches. That is 7.39 inches above the annual average. Also, this already surpasses last year’s total of only 32.83 inches.
The average high temperature was 76.7º and the average low temperature was 57.8º. The mean of 67.3 was 0.7º above normal.
The highest temperature was 83º on both the 18th and 19th. The lowest temperature was 49º on the 23rd. There were 15 foggy mornings and eight days when thunder was heard.
I am now ready to give my earliest winter prediction ever.
El Nino has been responsible for a large amount of the recent rain. The warm waters of the southwest Pacific will bring a warmer winter – six of the past seven winters have been colder than normal.
However, with more moisture, snowfall should be above normal.

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