It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Gab

New geocache challenge will have you tongue tied

Drawing inspiration from the popular group game Mad Gab, the new geocaching challenge created by the Pocahontas County Convention and Visitors Bureau will test your wits.

“I think it’s a hard game,” CVB Groups and Events Coordinator Sarah Irvine said. “Especially because whenever we made the Mad Gab phrases, we didn’t pull them from the game. We created them ourselves. So it’s like you’re trying to create a language. All of these Mad Gab phrases are somewhat county related. It kind of makes it neat and more personalized that way.”

The challenge has four stops, each concealing a phrase that must be translated. Learning from the past, the CVB decided to focus on the challenge and not the number of stops.

“Last year we did twelve and that was a lot,” Irvine said. “That was challenging in itself so we decided instead of making the challenge about getting to all these different locations, the challenge would be at the locations.”

Irvine doesn’t divulge much, wanting to keep the challenge a challenge.

“I want people – when they get there – to not know what they are doing,” she said.

What makes this year’s challenge even more unique is the coin. Once a geocache challenge is completed, the participate receives a coin designed specific to that challenge. The Mad Gab Challenge coin features the Green Bank Telescope and was created in the machine shop at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory.

“I’m so excited about this coin this year,” Irvine said. “We happened to be at the NRAO and just randomly talking. Mike Holstine [NRAO business manager] said, ‘our guys are making these really cool coins.’ He talked to his guys and they created 50 of these coins for us. It gives it a little bit more of an element.”

The challenge began in May and will continue through October 31. It calls for individuals to provide their own GPS unit, binoculars and magnifying glass. The coordinates are posted on

For more information on the challenge, visit

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