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I Remember…

Reunions ~ Family, Class and Homecomings

Summers are filled with reunions. Time to get together and remember. Remember our youth, friends and family.

Stories are retold – often of pranks the boys played – but not us gals!

Due to distance from my home, I did not get to attend many of my reunions.

Over the years, I went with my husband, Herb, to his class reunions. I remember the delicious food prepared by Mary Shafer.

I formed some wonderful friendships from those times.

Again, due to distance, I was not able to attend the reunion of my mother’s family in Texas.

The one I did attend brought me closer to my 10 aunts and one uncle and gave me a treasure of stories and family history.

Reunions are for catching up on the new and reliving the past.

New additions to welcome into the family, and remembrances of those we’ve lost.

I wrote the following poem about my 50th Class Reunion.

Our old school has been turned into town offices, but the hallways hold photos of every class that graduated there.

Memories of a lifetime ago.

Take out your memories and enjoy them once again. Remember school days, old friends and family members.

To the young, I would ask: “Do you take time to learn of your family history?

Do not let it be lost!

Reunion Time

Reunion time,
fifty years past.
Faces changed by the passing years.
Thank goodness for the name tags.
Reunion time,
fifty years past.
Remembrance quickly surfaces.
Times slips away.
Before me stands my youth.
Reunion time,
fifty years past.
Hugs and handclasps in friendship,
Voices raised in joyful laughter.
Reunion time,
fifty years past.
Sadness – classmates who traveled ahead.
Disappointment – classmate unable to attend.
Reunion time,
fifty years past.
Fabulous time,
Thanks to each and every one.
Gerry Parker Morrison

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