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I Remember…

Times change.

That’s just the way it goes.

Most changes are for the better, and we don’t want to go back, but we should not forget how things were years ago.

Hopefully, remembering will make us appreciate what we have now.

We have become a society that insists on “instant gratification.”

There are instant mashed potatoes – just open that package and slap it in the microwave.

At one time, you had to peel, cook and mash the potatoes – first with a fork, then a potato masher came along and then, the electric mixer.

Pinto beans did not come in a can.

We had to sort out the bad beans, and occasional rocks. Soak the beans overnight and cook them slowly for most of the day.
Homemade bread?

You can’t beat the taste and aroma.

Now bread is sliced and ready to eat.

There’s nothing wrong with that, yet, all of us remember the aroma and taste of good old home-cooking.

Several people I know still can fruits and vegetables, but I think it may become a lost art before too long.

And what about pain?

Everyone looks for instant relief there, as well – just pop a pill.

Remember Absorbine, Jr. and horse liniment?

There are a lot of old-time remedies that actually help and are not harmful.

Washers and dryers?

I can remember using a tub filled with soapy water for scrubbing clothes on a washboard, and having a second tub of clear water for rinsing.

Then came the wringer washer, but that was still a lot of work.

We used to get suntans by actually basking in the sun – with friends – with lots of lotion and oil on our skin.

Then people started to get tans by lying in a “coffin” type thing.

Now we know that both ways have health risks.

Remember towel drying your hair out in the sun?

Everything’s done fast now – blow dryers, curling irons and straightening tools.

Does anyone other than a professional use a real camera anymore?

Snap goes the cell phone.

I would have loved to have had that technology years ago where I could see and talk to my family 3,000 miles away.

Mostly we eat on the run these days.

The dining room table is rarely used for family meals.

Too often, people grab a plate and sit in front of the TV.


No talking. We might miss something.

Well, I’ve gotten away from the subject, yet it’s related.

Credit cards.

Years ago, we worked and saved to buy the things we desired. Now, we are lucky to have it paid off before it is worn out, wrecked or broken.

No, I don’t think we should turn back the clock. But it does put some things in perspective by remembering the past.

I would encourage young people to take time to listen to the stories told by their parents and grandparents.

And, parents and grandparents should dust off their memories and share them with the younger generation – making new memories for tomorrow.

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