I Remember…


A recent article in The Pocahontas Times gave recognition to a deserving woman.

It is refreshing to see recognition given to a “real person,” not a politician or someone in “high places.”

The woman is Mary Broce.


No. Extraordinary.

Women like Mary are the backbone of our country.

I did not know Mary in early years, and I found her story interesting – down to earth, with a wonderful outlook on life.

I remember my mom telling me about serenading newlyweds. It was all done in fun.

It’s a part of the past – a practice, long past. Thank goodness!

Several years ago, Mary and I traveled on a journey together, enjoying fellowship at Swago Methodist Church.

Mary has known joys and sorrow. Her comfort came from God. She is a strong woman, who truly puts Christ first.

When I think of Mary, I see her with her friend, Catherine Rimel.

They were made of the same mold.

Our country was founded by strong women – raising children and gardens, and, occasionally, raising a gun beside their husband, helping to protect their family.

Our county has many strong women.

Another article in The Pocahontas Times recognized another of them – Amy May Hannah.

I did not personally know Amy May.

I knew her as a clerk at Foodland, later IGA. It was a pleasure to go through her check out counter.

She made you feel important – both as a customer and as a person.

Ladies in their 90s could teach us life lessons about hard work, humor and love of God.

Look around you.

There are other strong women. Maybe a member of your family or a neighbor.

Good job, Laura Dean Bennett.

You painted beautiful portraits with words.

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