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I Remember…

Growing Older

Growing old is not for the faint of heart.

You must be brave to take the next step.

Steps in walking, as legs grow weaker and joints hurt.

Steps in life, changes that take place with each passing day.

Vision dims, hearing may become more difficult. Nimble fingers, once graceful, now have stiff joints and fingers are knobby.

Memory may be less clear.

I remember in the early years when we went in a run, giving our mothers a good workout.

We fought naps and bedtime.

Now, I look forward to a nap, and bedtime comes earlier and earlier.

When we were young we would drag ourselves out of bed in the early morning, now I’m awake long before the sun comes up.
Once, I was slim and curvy – yes, I was!

Some people grow thinner as they age, while others just grow.

Nearly everyone’s body changes with time.

If we have the money, we can turn back time with personal trainers and face lifts, and more.

I was once active in sports, winning blue ribbons in track in the broad jump.

It’s easy to be physically active when you’re young.

How about your football days, guys?

Now replaying the past by watching it on TV.

Gals were into sports then as cheerleaders.

We can’t do what we once did, but we need to maintain some activity – use it or lose it!

Maintain contact with the outside world.

Fellowship in church, clubs or programs provided for seniors.

Reach out to friends and family – strengthen the bonds.

Keep your mind active.

No, growing older is not the Golden Years, as we’ve always heard it referred to. Yet, go forward and make the best of everyday.

My husband, Herb, used to say, “Don’t complain about growing older, as there is only one alternative.”

May we continue to grow older, but stay young at heart.

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