I Remember…

Outside my window

Outside my window, winter is taking place.

I’m glad to be inside.

Prayers for those who have to venture out in freezing temperatures.

The wind is picking up to a gusty whirlwind, and my wind chimes are dancing and playing a lively tune.

Bare trees across the way. Delicate branches, once colorful leaves now lie scattered on the ground. The small creek slowly flows under a crust of ice.

I miss the sounds it makes with the change of seasons. Soft, gentle, soothing in the spring. Summer rains bring it to a full flow as it rushes to meet the river.

Icicles form, pointed, glistening white daggers. Beautiful to view, yet bring a chill to my spine.

Presently only a dusting of snow, but I’m ready, more or less, with shovel at hand, supply of salt and a hefty broom for the steps, porch and deck.

I have scarves, hats and gloves ­ – when I can find both of them. I bundle up and venture out.

Waiting inside, in preparation, will be ointment to rub on sore muscles, warmth from the furnace and a cup of hot chocolate or tea.

You say this snow I’m talking about has not arrived yet.

No, it hasn’t, but I know it’s coming!

I wasn’t born yesterday. I know what to expect.

Outside my window is constant change – hour by hour and sometimes minute by minute.

I can remember all the winter scenes of my youth.

In California, life was sunny. In Washington state, there was snow up to my knees – when I had to be outside, but would’ve rather been inside.

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