Greenbrier River Shuttles ~ a family business

Seeing a need in Pocahontas County for a vehicle shuttle service, cousins Amelia Rose, left, and Erin Poliziani started their business, Greenbrier River Shuttles, this spring. S. Stewart photo

Suzanne Stewart
Staff Writer
Cousins Amelia Rose and Erin Poliziani love the adventures in Pocahontas County, especially those revolving around the Greenbrier River and Greenbrier River Trail. They enjoy kayaking and biking with friends and family on beautiful days in the spring and summer.

What they don’t enjoy is trying to find a way to get their vehicle from where they start their adventure to the end. That’s how they got the idea to start their own business – Greenbrier River Shuttles.

“We’ve been kayaking, biked a couple times on the trail, and it’s always an issue to get someone to pick up your vehicle and take it to where you’re getting out of the water or at the end of the ride,” Rose said. “I think it’s needed in the county, for guests especially. They don’t have a family member or friend or someone to call to come pick them up or move their vehicle.”

Rose grew up in Pocahontas County and Poliziani is from a township near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They are roommates at West Virginia University, where they are both rising sophomores. 

Although they still have a few years before graduation, the young entrepreneurs chose to start their business now as they saw there was a need for the service. 

“We’re doing seasonal work,” Rose said. “Weekends, March through April and then weekdays – all days of the week – May through August, and pretty much weekends in September, as well.”

Unlike most shuttle services, GRS transports vehicles for customers so they can enjoy their day on the river or trail.

For instance, if a family wants to bike from Marlinton to Cass, Rose and Poliziani will meet them in Marlinton and one of them will drive the customer’s vehicle to a designated drop-off point in Cass and the other would follow in their own vehicle.

“We’re not shuttling anyone,” Rose explained. “It’s just vehicle shuttle.” 

Rose and Poliziani were inspired to open the business to be of help to visitors who don’t have a lifeline to call when they need assistance, but Rose said they hope to also serve locals who use the river and trail.

For information on how to book the shuttle service and prices, visit

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