Frontier Communications enhances broadband service in Pocahontas County

Snowshoe residents, businesses see substantial upgrades

Frontier Communications (NASDAQ: FTR) has enhanced broadband service to the Snowshoe area of Pocahontas County, providing customers there with enhanced speeds that support multiple devices in homes as well as business applications.

“Frontier has provided Internet service at Snowshoe for more than 10 years,” General Manager Reta Griffith said, “and we have been focused the past several months on offering enhanced broadband service at the top of the mountain.”

Noting that more than 95 percent of Snowshoe properties can receive multiple service levels of Internet service, Griffith said Frontier is offering qualified customers on the top of the mountain up to 24 megabits per second (Mbps) of broadband service.

“We can provide customers the speeds they want at a great price,” Griffith said. “We are confident our customers and prospective customers will recognize the quality of service and the value we offer.”

Griffith said Frontier has overcome interruptions in its operations caused by major storms that affected its service areas, and Frontier continues to invest in Poca- hontas County.

“Frontier has worked and invested in Pocahontas County, and we are not just selecting the most densely populated areas to serve,” she said. “We are trying to reach as many customers as possible and will continue to do so.”

She said Frontier developed a statewide strategy to expand and enhance broadband service when it acquired the Verizon markets in 2010.

“In addition to providing broadband access to an additional 176,000 West Virginia households since July 2010, we have enhanced broadband service to thousands of households and businesses in some of West Virginia’s most rural communities,” Griffith said.

“We are pleased that customers in Pocahontas County are seeing benefits from that planning and commitment and will see greater broadband capacity.”


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