FRN Re-Sale Shop is open for business


Laura Dean Bennett
Contributing Writer

The Family Resource Network is proud to say that its new “Re-Sale Shop,” heretofore informally called “The Yard Sale Shop” opened in July and has really started to catch on. The shop is located in Marlinton at 216 Ninth Street- the space having generously been donated for use by Lola Crews to the FRN.
The store has received donations of gently used and in some cases, brand new items ranging from clothing, bed linens, kitchen and tableware to furniture, toys, books, DVDs and CDs.
“We have something for everyone,” store manager Lisa Bibb said.  “We even have things for the holidays. I sold an adorable bear Halloween costume the other day, and we already have a very nice selection of Christmas décor and gifts. I wouldn’t be surprised if Santa might be able to do a bit of his shopping here, too,” she added with a wink.
Bibb exemplifies the volunteer spirit. She says that she is pleased to be able to donate so much of her time to this worthy cause.
 “I volunteer here because I enjoy meeting people, and I really love helping my community.”
All sales are cash, and some items are priced and some are not, but, basically, Bibb says she’s happy to bargain with customers, so people who like to haggle may be able to get in a bit of practice with her.
But customers shouldn’t try to drive too hard a bargain, after all, proceeds from the Re-Sale Shop go toward Project Christmas, the FRN’s famous annual effort to provide brand new, age appropriate gifts to Pocahontas County children in need. The shop has already been able to contribute more than $2,000 to Project Christmas.
Bibb welcomes all “almost like new” donations and will provide receipts for tax deduction purposes.
Shop hours are Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The shop is closed on Sunday.
Come winter, these hours may vary, depending on weather and school closings. Please email Bibb at regarding donations that you want to make or times that you may want to shop to be sure she will be available.

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