February Weather

Jason Bauserman
Contributing Writer

Wow! February was a record-breaking month for cold and snow.
The average high temperature was 28.8 degrees and the average low temperature was 5.4 degrees.  The mean temperature of 17.1 degrees was 11.5 degrees below normal. That is the largest departure from normal, either high or low, in my 24 years of record keeping.  This was also the coldest month I have recorded in 24 years. There was also a record eight mornings with below zero temperatures. Compare that to only 18 below zero mornings recorded in the previous 23 Februarys.
Minus 12 was the lowest temperature and also a record for February. The highest temperature was 57 on February 8.
Monthly snowfall of 45 inches was at least a record for the past 24 years.
The George Washington Day snow of 20 inches on February 22 was the biggest snow in 12 years.
February snow was 29.1 inches above normal.
Seasonal snow is now 83.3 inches.
Are we all ready for spring now?

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