Farmers Market in four locations this summer

The Pocahontas County Farmers Market had a successful summer last year at two of its locations – Linwood, shown above, and Green Bank. This year, the market will return to Marlinton, and there will be a new market location on Droop Mountain. Photo courtesy of Malia Thompson

Suzanne Stewart
Staff Writer

The Pocahontas County Farmers Market will have four locations this summer, giving residents more options for purchasing locally- grown produce and homemade goodies as well as providing a place for social interaction.

PCFM president Malia Thompson said the board and vendors are excited to get back to the market and the community.

“We’re excited this year because we are reentering the market with the Marlinton market,” she said. “Due to COVID last year, we did not have a market manager for that location, but this year’s crew is different. 

“We are opening up with the intention of being at the new Discovery Junction. This is exciting, because not only will it be the Farmers Market, but everything they have going on there, as well.”

In addition to the return of the Marlinton market, Thompson said she is happy to report that a location has been added to the southern part of the county.

“We also added Hillsboro – technically it’s Droop Mountain – and we will have a Farmers Market there on Saturdays,” she said. “We’re really hoping to serve the local community, as well as travelers to Beartown and Watoga coming through on Rt. 219
“Previously, the Farmers Market has not been engaged in that area, and that end of the county was missing out on this opportunity, so we have some growers out that way who are ready to become vendors and start that market,” she said. “We will also continue our Green Bank and Linwood markets – both of those were ultra-successful last year.”

Although the market operated in only two locations last year, Thompson said it didn’t stop the momentum of the vendors and, in fact, this year, she has seen an increase in interest from vendors who want to get involved and sell their wares to the community.

“Since our last post on Facebook, I’ve had six or eight new vendors wanting to join us and that is from all areas,” she said. “People really want to be active in more than one market, which is something we need when we look at the Farmers Market. We are constantly looking for artisans, crafters, producers, growers, bakers. We constantly have people asking us about breads and baked goods.

“Really anything that fits into that normal Farmers Market – something that you grow or craft or home make – we invite them to come and join us for sure,” she added.

As for COVID-19 restrictions, Thompson said the Farmers Market is following state regulations and since the markets are all outdoors, she said people are not required to wear masks, but are asked to keep a social distance from other customers and vendors.

“We do ask that you allow us to pick up your items,” she said. “Just remember to be courteous of one another.”

Thompson added that the vendors are unable to accept credit cards, so she reminds customers to bring cash in small bills, if at all possible.

The schedule is as follows:

Green Bank – located at the Green Bank Senior Center, Wednesdays, 3 to 6 p.m.

Linwood – located at the Linwood pavilion next to the Linwood Public Library, Fridays, 3 to 6 p.m., starting May 28.

Marlinton – located at the Discovery Junction on Third Avenue, first Friday of each month, 5 to 7 p.m.

Droop Mountain, 2445 Seneca Trail, next to Tom’s Barber Shop, Saturdays, 3 to 6 p.m., starting May 29.

For more information on the Farmers Market, email, call 304-456-4239 or visit the Facebook page at Pocahontas County Farmers Market.

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