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Creager PCHS Student of the Month

Marilyn Creager
Marilyn Creager

Suzanne Stewart
Staff Writer

Senior Marilyn Creager was named Pocahontas County High School Student of the Month for February.

Creager is an honor student and her last semester at PCHS if full of college prep classes which keep her busy.

“I’ve been working really hard this semester,” she said. “I’m taking a lot of honors core classes this semester. I have AP Politics, AP Calculus, physics and College English.”

Staying busy is easy for Creager. In addition to her course load, she manages to participate in band, as well as learn to play the double bass during independent study.

Creager joined the band in her final year at PCHS because band teacher Bob Mann recognized her talent.

“I did bass in instrumental music, and Mr. Mann recruited me to play bass,” she said.

With only four months of double bass instruction under her belt, Creager participated in West Virginia University’s All-State Orchestra, where she joined students who have played their instruments for years.

“It was very humbling, that’s for sure,” she said. “It was really nice to play with a bunch of people who were really good, and I learned a lot from my peers. It was good to be a part of that.”

Creager hasn’t decided on a major, yet, but she plans to attend Shepherd University, in Shepherdstown.

Wherever her journey takes her and whatever she chooses to study, Creager has made the best of her time at PCHS as a Warrior.

“To be a Warrior – it means that I try to make the most of everything I’m given, and I work hard because lots of people have come through this school, and I want to keep that good name they made for the school,” she said.

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