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COVID-19 cases on the rise, county records first death

Jaynell Graham

On October 25, the daily Department of Health and Human Resources report showed Pocahontas County had had only 68 cases of COVID-19 in the first seven months of the pandemic, but in November the numbers began to slowly climb.

Fast forward a month to November 25 for a totally different scenario.

It was on that day that the Pocahontas County Health Department identified 41 new cases, bringing the total number of active cases to 71:

• 23 at Denmar Correctional Center

• 24 at Pocahontas Center

• 24 within the community.

On November 29, the health department reported 46 additional cases: 37 at Denmar, two at Pocahontas Center and seven within the community.

A day later, 14 more cases were identified: six residents at Pocahontas Center and eight community based cases.

The November 30 report also carried the sad news of the first COVID-related death in the county – a 90 year old female.

As of November 30, the county has had a total of 231 cases since the pandemic began in March. Of those cases, 129 remain active; 101 have recovered; and one person has died.

When an individual tests positive, the Pocahontas County Health Department works to identify all persons who may have had close contact with that individual. The contacts are then notified of the actions to take, including the need for isolation or quarantine. There is also a focus on protecting the privacy of those involved.

The health department reminds residents that the best way to prevent or limit the spread of this virus is to reduce your exposure opportunities.

• Stay at home as much as possible.

• Wash your hands

• Avoid touching you eyes and nose

If you must go out:

• Wear a mask in businesses or public places. This is mandatory by order of Governor Jim Justice.

• Maintain a distance of six feet between you and other people.

• Avoid large gatherings.

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Cases defined:

Confirmed Case: Someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

Probable Case: A close contact of a positive case that has developed symptoms.

Recovered: A confirmed case or probable case that has finished quarantine and has been symptom free for the last 72 hours without medication.

Active Case: A confirmed case or probable case that does not meet criteria of recovered.

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