County schools honor students

Attending the last months of the school year from the comfort of their homes, Pocahontas County students still managed to have a successful year, participating in social studies fairs, literature fairs, math field day, science fairs and earning top marks in their classes.

Principals Julie Shiflet, Becky Spencer and Nebraska Scotchie want to recognize their students for their achievements this year.
Green Bank Elementary-Middle School

Honor Society – Mac-kenna Shinaberry, Ciasha Waddell, Jade Arbogast, Taylor Arnold, Trenton Brock, Miranda Gum, Ella Johnston, Garrett Nelson, Willie O’Ganian, Gracie Sisler and Mackenzie Taylor.

2019-2020 Academic All-Start Basketball Team

Girls – Mileya Bircher, Ella Johnston, Calli Propst, Olivia Vandevender and Cammi Warner.

Boys – Dominic Bennett, Trenton Brock, Dylan Keller, Garrett Nelson and Gary Warner.

Regional Literature Fair

Best in Show  – Ethan Stull, Matthew Cole and Nick Lambert, realistic fiction, sixth through eighth grade.

County Literature Fair

First place, third through fifth grade – Allyson Taylor, fantasy individual; Johnna Bennett, realistic fiction individual; Sierra Nelson, adventure individual; and Haiven Brown, information individual.

First place, sixth through eighth grade – Garrett Nelson, adventure individual; Willie O’Ganian, fantasy individual; Jacob Bickford, historical fiction individual; Ella Johnston, mystery individual; Ashley Bussard, realistic fiction individual; Ethan Stull, Matthew Cole and Nick Lambert, realistic fiction class; Taylor Arnold, science fiction individual; and Mackenzie Taylor, autobiography individual.

West Virginia Young Writers

County winner, Emilynn Hall.

School winners: Skylar McLean, James Smith, Amber Defibaugh and Emilynn Hall.

Science Fair

Regional winner, Willie O’Ganian, animal science.

County Math Field Day

Fourth grade – first place, Duncan Sizemore; and alternate, Tristan Sizemore.

Fifth grade – third place, Allyson Taylor; and alternate, Baylee Nelson.

Sixth grade – second place, Wade Garber.

Seventh grade – third place, Willie O’Ganian.

Eighth grade – alternate, Maddie Ray.
Hillsboro Elementary School
Faithful Attendance
 Preschool – Levi Brake, Alida McNeil, Mara Ramsey and Sullivan Seldomridge.

Kindergarten – Hampton Bennett, Addison Brake, Aliza Cederleaf and Kendyl Hummel.

First grade – Jase Hamilton and Levi Irvine.

Second grade – Kya Arbogast, Jasper Birchfield, Autumn Hively, Chase McNeill, Morgan Smith and Abigail Taylor.

Third grade – Eli Beezley, Rosalee Beverage, Ezra Bond, Julie Brown and Bentlee Gladwell.

Fourth grade – Harley Bennett, Hailley Hoke and Sherry Walker.

Presidential Awards

Gold 4.0 and Exceeds Standards of State Testing – Riyan Gladwell and Asa Marks.

Silver 3.5 and Meets Standards on State Testing – Damien Blankenship, Molly Cook and Kenslee Lane.

Principal’s List 4.0

Third grade – Eli Beezley, Vincent Birchfield, Ezra Bond and Hailey Goldsberry.

Fourth grade – Nicholas Beverage, Kegan Calhoun, Oliver Campbell and Willa Hardy.

Fifth grade – Molly Cook, Riyan Gladwell and Asa Marks.

High Honor Roll

Third grade – Julia Brown, Brynn Clutter, Dillon Crites, Brylee Dunbrack, Bentlee Gladwell and Flash Gregory.

Fourth grade – Harley Bennett, Hailley Hoke, Paisley Lane and Luke Taylor.

Fifth grade – Alexis Arbogast, Damien Blankenship, Camden Gregory, Kenslee Lane and Catherine Lucabaugh.

Honor Roll

Third grade – Jolene Workman. 

Fourth grade – Noah Bond, Kevin Streets and Sherry Walker. 

Fifth grade – Penelope Campbell, Kylie Casey and Maeyah Manahan.

All County Band

Alexis Arbogast, Damien Blankenship, Penelope Campbell, Kylie Casey, Molly Cook, Kenslee Lane, Catherine Lucabaugh, Maeyah Manahan, Asa Marks and Jasmine Tuskan.

Math Field Day participants

Fourth grade – Willa Hardy, Oliver Campbell, Kegan Calhoun and Luke Taylor.

Fifth grade – Damien Blankenship, Camden Gregory, Riyan Gladwell and Penelope Campbell.

Spelling Bee

Penelope Campbell, Molly Cook and Riyan Gladwell.

Kindergarten Awards

Outdoorsman Awards – Hampton Bennett and Tristan Bennett.

Handwriting Hero – Dominick Blankenship.

Always Smiling – Addison Brake.

Mathlete – Isaac Brown.

Amazing Artist – Aliza Cedarleaf.

Dreamer – Isabell Crews.

Ravenous Reading – Crickett Gregory.

Hug Bug – Payton Holcomb.

Writing Wizard – Kendyl Hummel.

Mr. Nice Guy – Dominic Lewis.

Ray of Sunshine – Cambree McLaughlin.

First Grade Awards
Addy Hall – Book Worm Award, you are such a great reader, keep reading.

Brennon Armstrong – Fabulous Friend, you are such a great friend to everyone.

Owen Chaney – Totally Techie Award, you are our tech guru.

Mackenzie White – Story Teller Award, you always have a story to tell.

Levi Irvine – Enormous Vocabulary Award, you have such a huge vocabulary.

Jase Hamilton – Mr. Fix-It Award, you can fix anything.

James Goldsberry – Mr. Sporty Award, you are a team player and a great athlete.

Jackson Tankersley – Future Illustrator, you are such a great artist.

Second Grade Candy Awards

Stevee Lefebvre – Almond Joy Award for always being a joy to be around.

Tara Hall – Bubble Yum Award for her bubbly personality.

Ryan Withrow – Mr. Goodbar Award for always being a good friend.

Kya Arbogast – Gummy Bear Award for being sweet and lovable.

Chase McNeill – Jolly Rancher Award for telling the best jokes and making us laugh.

Abigail Taylor – Kit Kat Award for always helping the teacher.

Jasper Birchfield – Nutrageous Award for his contagious laughter and always smiling.

Ace Gregory – Good and Plenty Award for all of his good ideas.

Sally Marks – Smarties Award for all of her smart ideas.

Autumn Hively – Life Savers Award for always helping others.

Bryson Bradshaw – Skittles Award for his colorful ideas. 

Aubriee Dilley – Starburst Award, she is going to be a star one day.

Morgan Smith – Milky Way Award for her out of this world ideas.

Amanda Stanley – Whoppers Award for her great stories.

Ethan Dean – Rolo Award because he rolls with the punches and learns from his mistakes.

Marlinton Middle School

The community and Marlinton Middle School suffered a loss during the 2019-2020 school year with the passing of Colten Luikart. In his honor, the school created the Colten Luikart Award to be presented to a middle school student who personifies the good-natured personality that Colten always exhibited. He was one that was always helping the underdog, or lending a helping hand to others. He would cheer anyone up with his magnetizing smile and his exuberant spirit. We can only aspire to be as generous and warm-hearted as Colten Luikart.

This year’s recipient is Ramona Hardy.

Perfect Attendance

Devon George, Riley Pollack and Courtney Waugh.

Faithful Attendance

Andrea Alderman, Silas Beezley, Clayton Burns, David Casey, Serenity Coch-ran, Colt Cook, Remington Cook, Rachel Felton, Allison Friel, Luke Gainer, Miya Johnson, Madison Jordan, Paul Jordan, Shaylee Landis, Joseph Lizotte, Aylah Manahan, Brooklyn Moyers, Kendra Moyers, Jersey Simmons, Ronnie Simmons, Kimberly Underwood, Hayden Walker, Kynlee Wilfong, Hannah Williams and Nathaniel Wimer.

Cumulative 4.0 Grade Point Average

Sixth grade – Silas Beezley, Ramona Hardy and Nolan Street.

Seventh grade  – Devon Burgess, Dillon Dunz, Kirsten Friel, Ella Markl, Riley Pollack, Eden Smith and Courtney Waugh.

Eighth grade – Jessica Armstrong, Cameryn Boggs, Hannah Burks, Elizabeth Friel, Haleena Hebb, Taiylor Hoke, Kimberly Underwood and Kynlee Wilfong.

High Honor 3.5-3.9 Grade Point Average

Sixth grade – Paul Jordan, Nathaniel Wimer, Claire Burgess, Gavin Malcom, Aylah Manahan, Winsor Alderman, Luke Gainer and Whitney Robertson.

Seventh grade – Ryleigh Parker, Rachel Felton, Hailey Fitzgerald, Megan Fitz-gerald, Miya Johnson, Jasey Kramer, Shaylee Landis, Brooklyn Moyers, Kaylee Pritt, Mya Workman, Hannah Beverage, Harley Brown, Brianna Cochran, Abigail McClure, Mallori McCoy, David Casey, Joshua Davis, Devon George, Wendy Oscar, Ronnie Simmons and Hannah Williams.

Eighth grade – Andrea Alderman, Correanna Jordan, Daisy Shuttleworth, Chey-enne Dean, Cierra Sharp, Jadyn Lane, Jersey Simmons and Clayton Burns.

Honor Roll 3.0-3.49 Grade Point Average

Sixth grade – Allison Friel, Paige Rose, Mackenzie Sewell, Justin Tawney, Malaki Baker, Callie Davis, Austin Hilleary, Bailey Barrett, Jesse Dean, Heather Cain, Heidi Jordan, Aspen Hissom, Tristen O’Steen, Madilyn Hicks, Serenity Cochran, Addyson Puffenbarger, Berkley Buzzard, Aidan Bumgardner, Braelyn Gibson and Haydon Moore.

Seventh grade – Addisyn Waddell, Trinity Bennett, Jaden Green, Madison Jordan, Kendra Moyers, Austin Rider, Landon Hebb, Elkanah Miller, Trevor Tuskan, Dennis Wilfong, Joseph Zickefoose, Summer Hansford, Alexandria Harrah, Dakota Sheets, Shaylen Gladwell, Jachobi Hannah-Teter, Jerika Moore, Noah Nutter, Caleb Ritter and Kregg Thomas.

Eighth grade – Kayley Kincaid, Gavin Walls, Benjamin Withers, Remington Cook, Elijah Evans, Hayden Walker, Emily Arbogast, Zerrianna Valido, Braunna Burgess, Bransen Gordon, Katie Jack, James Scott, Timothy Shifflett, Lacey Stewart, Trenton Tuskan and Logan Warf.

Perfect Conduct

Sixth grade – Whitney Robertson, Berkley Buzzard, Winsor Alderman, Callie Davis and Ramona Hardy.

Seventh grade – Kirsten Friel, Dakota Sheets, Hailey Fitzgerald, Miya Johnson, Jasey Kramer, Ryleigh Par-ker, Devin Armstrong, Har-ley Brown, Brianna Coch- ran, Dillon Dunz, Summer Hansford, Madison Jordan, Shaylee Landis, Kaylee Pritt, Addisyn Waddell, Courtney Waugh, Joseph Zickefoose, Devon Burgess, Jaden Green, Jachobi Hannah-Teter, Brooklyn Moyers and Mya Workman.

Eighth grade – Jessica Armstrong, Cameryn Boggs, Hannah Burks, Cheyenne Dean, Elijah Evans, Elizabeth Friel, Taiylor Hoke, Correanna Jordan, Cierra Sharp, Kynlee Wilfong, Benjamin Withers, Katie Jack, Daisy Shuttleworth and Jadyn Lane.

Copperhead Student Leadership Council

Hannah Burks, president; Riley Pollack, vice president; Kynlee Wilfong, secretary/ treasurer; Elizabeth Friel, sergeant at arms; Ramona Hardy, attendance director; and at-large members Gavin Walls, Ronnie Simmons, Kaylee Pritt, Malaki Baker and Claire Burgess.

Young Writer’s Contest

School and county winner, fifth and sixth grade – Ramona Hardy.

School winner, seventh and eighth grade – Hayley Kincaid.

Library Volunteer of the Year

Hailey Fitzgerald. 

Bookworm Superstar Award

Miya Johnson, Hannah Williams, Lacey Stewart, Clayton Sharp, Silas Beezley and Ramona Hardy.

All County Band

Sixth grade – Winsor Alderman, Bailey Barrett, Silas Beezley, Claire Burgess, Serenity Cochran, Callie Davis, Luke Gainer, Ramona Hardy, Gavin Malcom, Aylah Manahan, Addyson Puffenbarger, Mackenzie Sewell and Nolan Street.

Seventh and eighth grade varsity band – Andrea Alderman, Jessica Armstrong, Hannah Beverage, Cameryn Boggs, Clayton Burns, Hannah Burks, David Casey, Brianna Cochran, Dillon Dunz, Elijah Evans, Rachel Felton, Elizabeth Friel, Kirsten Friel, Taiylor Hoke, Jasey Kramer, Jadyn Lane, Brooklyn Moyers, Noah Nutter, Riley Pollack, Kaylee Pritt, Cierra Sharp, Jersey Simmons, Eden Smith, Lacey Stewart, Trenton Tuskan, Courtney Waugh, Hayden Walker and Kynlee Wilfong.

Youth and Government Participants

Hannah Burks, Taiylor Hoke, Lacey Stewart, Benjamin Withers, James Scott, Lane Butcher, Bransen Gordon, Kynlee Wilfong, Elizabeth Friel, Jersey Simmons, Daisy Shuttleworth, Haleena Hebb, Gavin Walls, Clayton Burns and Adam Workman.

Senate Pages

Ramona Hardy and Winsor Alderman.

School Spelling Bee

Sixth grade – Paul Jordan, Aiden Bumgardner and Gabriel Dean.

Seventh grade – Trevor Tuskan, Devon George and Kirsten Friel.

Eighth grade – Jordan Faris, Gavin Walls and Cameryn Boggs.

County Spelling Bee

First place, Paul Jordan; second place, Gavin Walls; third place, Aiden Bumgardner; and fourth place, Gabriel Dean.

County Math Field Day

Sixth grade – first place, Gavin Malcom; third place, Paul Jordan; fourth garde, Luke Gainer; and fifth place, Aylah Manahan.

Seventh grade – first place, Hailey Fitzgerald; second place, Megan Fitzgerald; fourth place, Hannah Beverage; and fifth grade, Kaylee Pritt.

Eighth grade – first place, Elizabeth Friel; second place, Timothy Shifflett; third place, Lacey Stewart; and fifth place, Taiylor Hoke.

KRYPTO Tournament – third place, Hailey Fitzgerald.

County All-Tournament Basketball Team

Girls – Hannah Burks, Brooklyn Moyers and Daisy Shuttleworth.

Boys – Bransen Gordon, Clayton Burns and Landon Hebb.

County All-Tournament Cheerleading Team – Kaylee Pritt and Whitney Robertson.

County Science Fair

Physical science, sixth grade – first place, Claire. Burgess; second place, Nathaniel Wimer; and third place, Luke Gainer and Carter Vandevander.

Physical science, seventh grade – first place, Dillon Dunz and Elkanah Miller; and second place, Andrea Alderman and Kynlee Wilfong.

Life science, sixth grade – first place, Silas Beezley; and second place, Heidi Jordan and Braelyn Gibson.

Life science, seventh grade – second place, Eden Smith and Jasey Kramer; and third place, Abby McClure.

Life science, eighth grade – first place, Kimberly Underwood; and second place, Benjamin Withers.

Engineering, sixth grade – first place, Gavin Malcom and Nolan Street.

Engineering, seventh grade – first place, Hailey Fitzgerald.

Overall – second place, Hailey Fitzgerald in engineering; tie for third place, Dillon Dunz and Elkanah Miller, and Gavin Malcom and Nolan Street in physical science; and third place, Eden Smith and Jasey Kramer in life science.

Regional Science Fair – first place in life science, Eden Smith and Jasey Kramer; second place in life science, Silas Beezley.

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