County holds annual Social Studies Fair

Green Bank Elementary-Middle School student Kyle Wayne dressed as a beekeeper as he presented his project, “The Buzz About Bees,” to judges Lou Burner and Mary Sue Burns. Wayne won second place in Division II Anthropology.

Suzanne Stewart
Staff Writer

Pocahontas County students converged on Pocahontas County High School March 30 for the annual county Social Studies Fair, as a venue to present their knowledge of subjects ranging from U.S and world history to economics and political science.
The students were judged on their presentations, displays and knowledge of the material they researched. Projects receiving a first place award will move on to represent the county at the Regional Social Studies Fair Saturday, April 14, at Greenbrier East High School.

Winners are:

Division I, Individual

Anthropology: first place, Asa Marks, “Egypt’s Afterlife.”

Economics: first place, Matthew Cole, “Snowshoe Mountain;” second place, Dillon Dunz, “Cost of Cayman;” third place, Griffin Taylor, “Do You Want to Go Fast?;” and honorable mention, Savannah Ignos, “Why Did They Send Children Through the Mail?”

Geography: first place, Trenton Brock, “Tap into Nature;” second place, Catherine Lucabaugh, “Grand Canyon;” and third place, Abby McClure, “Deep Water Horizon.”

Political Science: first place, Ramona Hardy, “Alexander Hamilton.”

Psychology: first place, Tori Price, “What are Phobias?”

Sociology: first place, Kaylee Pritt, “Little Miss Sureshot;” second place, Mallori McCoy, “Wanda Harper Bush;” and third place, McKenzy Taylor, “Who is Dolly?”

State and Local: first place, Shayla Bennett, “How Cass Became a Town;” second place, Caleb Ritter, “Sharps Tunnel;” third place, Damian Blankenship, “The Battle of Droop Mountain;” and honorable mention, Mya Workman, “The Alderson Lion.”

U.S. History: second place, Riley Pollack, “American Red Cross;” and third place, Rachel Felton, “Underground Railroad.”
World and International: first place, Florian Baudler, “Easter Island Mystery;” second place, Addisyn Waddel, “Life in Plastic, It’s Fantastic;” and third place, Landon Irvine, “Titanic.”

Division I, Group

Anthropology: first place, Molly Cook and Alexis Arbogast, “She Sells Seashells.”

Geography: first place, Jaden Green, Summer Hansford, Josh Davis and Tristan O’Steen, “Oregon or Bust.”

State and Local: second place, Josey Kramer and Brianna Cochran, “Watoga State Park;” and second place, Easton Nelson and Garrett Nelson, “More than an Athlete.”

U.S. History: first place, Ella Johnston and Gracie Sisler, “Syble Ludington;” second place, Hannah Beverage and Ronnie Simmons, “The Disappearance of Steve Fossett;” and third place, Cyle Kelk and Reese Clutter, “Kaboom! The Hindenburg.”

World and International: second place, Devon Burgess, Chase Green and Dakota Sheets, “History of the Titanic;” and third place, “Silas Beezley and Aiden Bumgardner, “Operation Overload.”

Lilly Stevens and Allyson Alderman present their second place winning project “A Bit of a Problem” in the Division II Psychology category. S. Stewart photos

Division II, Individual

Anthropology: first place, Ryan Robertson, “How did the Eskimos Live?;” second place, Kyle Wayne, “The Buzz About Bees.”

Economics: first place, Emma Riffe, “Hogs;” second place, Hannah Burks, “Excitement of Helicopter Logging;” and third place, Benjamin Dunz, “Seven Springs.”

Geography: first place, Sydney Puffenbarger, “Falls of Opportunity;” and third place, Kolby Friel, “Goin’ Sangin.’”

Political Science: first place, Jaylee Doss, “Alternate Memories;” Sarah Cole, “A Gift from France;” and Hazel Riley, “Doomsday Clock.”

Sociology: first place, Mason  Solliday, “Red Tail Angels;” Malia Bircher, “Alex Morgan;” third place, Ashley Buzzard, “Killer Lovebirds;” and honorable mention, Dakota Snider, “The History of Sign Language.”

State and Local: first place, Kelsi Taylor, “Ham, Bacon and Egg Sale;” second place, Haley Spencer, “My 10,000 Acre Home;” and third place, Robert Pritt, “Hatfields and McCoys.”

U.S. History: first place, Makenna McKenney, “Ride of Glory;” second place, Olivia Vandevender, “Secretariat;” third place, Mateus Stitzinger, “Colonial Blacksmithing;” and honorable mention, Mackenna Shinaberry, “Seabiscuit.”

World and International: first place, Benjamin Withers, “Gladiators; What are They Fighting for?;” second place, Brycen Carroll, “Titanic;” third place, Timothy Shifflett, “History of Snipers;” and honorable mention, Caitlin Mallow, “The Beginning of the Bow.”

Division II, Group

Anthropology: first place, Eden Lester and Haylee Smith-Hayhurst, “The Conjuring and the Unknown Truth;” second place, Delania Luikart and Cassie Moats, “Racism in America;” and third place, Ethan Armstrong and Nathaniel Evens, “The Silla.”

Economics: first place, Jessica Alderman and Kynlee Wilfong, “Under Armour: From Grandma’s Basement to Pro Sports;” and second place, Gavin Walls and Clayton Burns, “History of Converse.”

Geography: first place, Brayden Hayhurst and Jaryd Friel, “Radioactive.”

Political Science: first place, Rachel Burns and Sarah Worder, “The Iron Curtain: What Divided a Country?”

Psychology: second place, Macaden Taylor and Rayna Smith, “Versace: Did He Know His Killer?;” and second place, Allyson Alderman and Lilly Stevens, “A Bit of a Problem.”

Sociology: second place, Kassidy Lang and MacKenzie Moyers, “Chew on This;” and third place, Danielle Yingling and Christy Casey, “Got Cheer?”

State and Local: first place, Kya Barb and Elizabeth Friel, “Fun at the Fairgrounds.”

U.S. History: second place, David Gibb and Jonathan Valido, “Life of Eminem;” and third place, Joslyn Simmons and Maybelle Warner, “Trick or Treat.”

World and International: first place, Michelle Yingling and Jazzlyn Teter, “Hoops Anyone?;” and second place, Andrea Alderman and Cameryn Boggs, “What Happened on 9/11?”

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