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Clinical Social Services available at PMH


Pocahontas Memorial Hospital’s Rural Health Clinic is proud to introduce a new service for the community.

Heather Sharp-Spinks, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, is now seeing patients who have a variety of needs that include, but are not limited to: severe depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety and phobias. Interven- tions are also available for: family counseling, smoking cessation, weight loss, pain management and end of life care.

Primary care settings have become a gateway for many individuals with mental health and substance use problems. To address these needs, many primary care providers are now integrating clinical social work services into their settings.

Because primary care is not associated with any specific health conditions, there is a reduced stigma for people with mental disorders and their families, as well as improved access to care. Treating both chronic diseases and mental health issues together leads to better, healthy outcomes.

Patients can be referred by their primary care provider, or they may self-refer by contacting Heather directly at 304-799-7400 ext 1110.

Clinical Social Work Services are covered by all major insurances.

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