Circuit Court News

According to Pocahontas County Circuit Court Clerk Connie Carr, the following cases were heard September 3 before the Honorable Judge Richard E. Richardson:

In arraignment hearings:

David Wayne Cassell, 23, of Cass, pleaded not guilty to the four count indictment returned by the August Grand Jury. Cassell was indicted on two counts breaking and entering, felonies; one count simple/petit larceny, a misdemeanor; and one count destruction of property, a misdemeanor. A trial in the matter is set for November 19 at 9 a.m. Cassell remains on present bond.

Gavin Doss, 20, of Lewisburg, pleaded not guilty to the three count indictment returned against him. Doss was indicted on one count fleeing from officer in vehicle, a felony; and two counts fleeing from officer on foot, misdemeanors. The matter is set for trial November 20 at 9 a.m. Doss is currently on home incarceration in Greenbrier County. The court will allow him to travel during normal business hours for employment purposes. He remains on present bond.

Sarah Beth Parker, 33, of Hillsboro, pleaded not guilty to obstructing an officer, a misdemeanor. Trial is set for November 13 at 9 a.m. The defendant remains on bond.

Arraignment was reset to September 17 in the case the state vs Phillip Ray Howell, Jr, 30, of Virginia Beach, Virginia, as the defendant had not retained an attorney.

A hearing on a petition to modify probation was held in the case the state vs Clellene Banks, 38, of Dunmore. The court accepted the defendant’s waiver of an evidentiary hearing, extended probation, and will allow the defendant to participate in home incarceration and Day Report programs.

In a hearing on the state’s motion to revoke bond in the case the state vs Russell Sharp, 29, of Cass, the defendant’s attorney advised the court that his client admitted violations. The court allowed the defendant to be reinstated on bond with the addition of home incarceration.

In a hearing on a motion for reconsideration/motion for stay and/or reconsideration in the case Bradley Nelson vs Pocahontas County Sheriff’s Department and Pocahontas County Deputy Civil Service Commission, counsel agreed that the process should start again due to process errors. The court modified previous orders and remanded the matter back to the Civil Service Commission for a substitute pre-termination hearing. This matter stems from the alleged improper processes and procedures related to termination of employment and insurance benefits.

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