Circuit Court

According to Pocahontas County Clerk Connie Carr, the following hearings were held October 17, 2019 before the Honorable Judge Jennifer P. Dent:

Joseph Tawney, 37, of Marlinton, waived his right to a speedy trial in this term of court. A motions hearing is set for December 5. Tawney is charged with burglary, entry of a building other than a dwelling, grand larceny, and two counts, transferring stolen goods.

Andrea Woody, 34, of Marlinton, paid her court cost and release fee, and the court entered a judgment for restitution in the amount of $1,132.29. Woody was released from probation.

A hearing on an amended motion to rescind capias was held in the case the State vs Brandon Waddell, 33, of Durbin, wherein defense counsel advised the court that Waddell was attending two funerals of family member and didn’t realize he had missed his court date. The State asked for denial of the motion as Waddell had a ride to the last hearing but failed to take it. The matter is rescheduled for November 1. The court granted the motion to rescind capias.

An evidentiary hearing was held in the case the State vs George Matthew Harmon, 27, of Marlinton. After testimony and review, the court revoked Harmon’s bond. A defense motion for a new bond was denied. Jury trial is set for November 26.

John Martin Stull, 29, of Bartow, waived his right to a preliminary hearing. An evidentiary hearing is set for November 14.

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