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Circuit Court

According to Pocahontas County Circuit Clerk Connie Carr, the following cases were heard October 24 before the Honorable Judge Jennifer P. Dent:

A capias was issued for Cody Brouwer, 24, of Marlinton, who failed to appear for his status conference.

A capias is still outstanding from the last hearing for Roslynn Nichole McCarty, 20, of Marlinton. The hearing to revoke bond is continued until the defendant is picked up.

A continuance was granted in the case the State vs Anna Faye Sheets, 50, of Marlinton, as defense council failed to notify her of the hearing date.

The State is dealing with discovery requests in its case against Leo Woodhouse, 53, of Marlinton. The matter is set for a status conference November 15.

Zachary Morrison, 30, of Buckeye, was late for his pre-trial conference. Jury trial is set for November 8.

Defense council advised the court that plea negotiations are close to an agreement in the case the State vs Jeffrey Allen Hill, 52, of Lewisburg.

Defense council asked that a change of plea hearing be set in the case the State vs Edward Arbogast, 39, of Marlinton. A negotiation has been reached in this case.

The court granted a defense motion for severance of offenses in the case the State vs George Travis Underwood, 38, of Marlinton. The court reinstated Underwood’s original bond of $2,500 cash or surety.

The following cases were heard October 26 before the Honorable Judge Robert E. Richardson:

The State requested a continuance of the status conference and advised the court that plea negotiations are in the works in its case against Marissa E. Mann Bennett, 23, of Renick. The matter is continued to November 28.

A hearing to re-admit to bond was held in the case the State vs Jamie W. Sites, 41, of Circleville, wherein the court noted that the defendant was late for his arraignment and did not show for his pre-trial hearing. Defense council related that Sites was quickly picked up on a capias. Sites appeared at the hearing by video conference from Potomac Highlands Regional Jail. The court will allow him to be re-admitted to bond and advised Sites that he is to be present at all hearings.

The State requested a continuance in its case against Robert Allen Eary, 21, of Cass, to allow time for plea negotiations. Eary waived his right to speedy trial. A change of plea is set for December 12.

A status conference was held in the case the State vs Paul A. Shaver, 24, of Morgantown, wherein the state advised the court that plea negotiations are in the works. Shaver appeared by video conference from North Central Regional Jail. Defense counsel asked for time to travel to the jail to review the plea with their client.

Kenny D. Feury, Jr., 39, of White Sulphur Springs, tendered a written plea agreement to the court wherein he pleaded guilty to the lesser offense of petit larceny. Feury waived the pre-sentence investigation and asked to proceed to sentencing that day. The court adjudged Feury guilty of petit larceny, and dismissed Count II of the indictment with prejudice. The State asked for the maximum sentence of one year, and that a fine not be imposed as the defendant will pay restitution in the amount of $2,789.09. The court sentenced Feury to one year in the Regional Jail. He was remanded to custody.

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