Circuit Court

According to Pocahontas County Circuit Clerk Connie Carr, the following hearings were held September 20 before the Honorable Judge Jennifer P. Dent:

The court commended Tonya Hedrick, 36, of Durbin, for her efforts in completing the Drug Court program. Her plea was withdrawn and the court dismissed the case against her.

Additional evidence will be obtained from a hard drive, which contains the confession statements of Kenneth R. Peck, Jr., 41, of Arbovale. Defense counsel waived any issues concerning chain of custody when the hard drive is transported to the expert analyst.

A pre-trial conference was held in the case the State vs Anna Fay Sheets, 50, of Marlinton, wherein defense counsel asked to cross-examine confidential informants as to each charge against his client. The court granted the state’s motion asking that the defense amend its motion to specify the charges in question.

A motions hearing was held in the case the State vs Eden Denys Taylor, 33, of Lizemores, wherein the court granted the state’s motion to play a recording of the defendant’s statement – Exhibit #1 – during the hearing. The court denied a defense motion that the exhibit not be entered into evidence for trial purposes. The court found that Taylor had voluntarily given her statement and was mirandized properly. The statement will be admissible at trial.

Thomas Harry Sayre, 36, of Marlinton, was sentenced to six months in the regional jail, with all but 20 days suspended. The balance of the sentence will be served on home incarceration. Sayre will be required to report to the Day Report program for psychological evaluation, assessment and anger management classes.

A capias was issued for Miranda D. Bennett, 28, of Hillsboro, when she failed to appear for her pre-trial conference. Defense counsel asked that the matter be reviewed if Bennett showed up by the end of the day. She arrived at 2:15 p.m., explaining that she thought the hearing was at 2:30. The capias was withdrawn. Jury trial is scheduled for September 25.
Defense counsel advised the court that the case, the State vs Zachary Morrison, 30, of Buckeye, is ready for trial. Trial date is November 8.

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