Circuit Court

According to Pocahontas County Circuit Clerk Connie Carr, the following hearings were held March 14 before the Honorable Judge Jennifer P. Dent:

A disposition hearing was held in the case the State vs Jenna Marie Bennett, 26, of Marlinton, wherein the court denied defense counsel’s motion asking that her client be sanctioned for violation of the drug court program and that she be placed back on probation. The adult probation officer advised the court that Bennett had been given opportunities through several programs, had not been successful and had been revoked by all. The court imposed the original sentence of not less than one year nor more than 10 years in the state penitentiary. Bennett was remanded to custody.

Jesse Allen Mancuso, 28, of Morgantown, was unable to appear for his status conference hearing due to bad weather. The clerk advised the court that Mancuso has paid half of his court costs. Status conference is rescheduled for April 18. If the defendant pays court costs in full prior to the hearing, the state may tender an order to the court to dismiss the matter.

Dustin D. Morrison, 23, of Marlinton, waived his right to a speedy trial. A status conference is set for April 18 and trial will be rescheduled according to the results of that conference. Morrison was remanded to custody.

Eden Denys Taylor, 32, of Lizemores, waived her right to be tried in this term of court. A pretrial status conference is set for May 30 and trial is set for June 6. Taylor was indicted by the December Grand Jury on one count imposition of sexual acts on person incarcerated or under supervision.

A pre-trial status conference was held in the case the State vs Drema Renee Tinney, 50, of Marlinton, wherein defense counsel advised the court that there was a possibility of an agreement and asked for a later date for the hearing. Status conference is set for March 28, and the court will determine if a trial should be set at that time. Tinney was indicted on one count of forgery.

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