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Chamber of Commerce

Mike Holstine, President

I want to take this opportunity to thank all those Chamber of Commerce members who put together and volunteered their time to make the first Pocahontas County Fish Bowl event a rousing success.
The amount of effort it takes to produce a volunteer activity like this is amazing and to have people dedicate themselves to the good works of the community deserves to be noted.
I’d also like to thank the anonymous attendee who decided that the event was so worthwhile that an additional amount of money was given out-of-pocket to ensure that the remaining three presenters all left with $100 in prize money, each.
I especially want to recognize Linda Simmons for her outstanding work for the Chamber. She is consistently looking for ways to bring events and business into the county and programs to help our existing businesses navigate their way to success.
Like any other organization in Pocahontas County, the strength of our work stands on the shoulders of the people who sacrifice both time and money to make our county a success, and I sincerely appreciate those who work toward a positive goal.
Many of these same folks will be seen at most every event, volunteering their efforts for success. All of the fairs, community events– the Great Greenbrier River Race, Roadkill and Autumn Harvest Festival, heritage days, historical events and programs, and on and on.
Thank you to all of you.
You make Pocahontas County special.

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