Caregivers’ Evening Out

AN EVENING OUT event was held for caregivers at the Durbin Library May 7. Entertainment was provided by Mike Waybright and, pictured, l to r: Robert Smith, Linda Arbogast and Daniel Arbogast.

Nancy Egan
Durbin Library

An Evening Out event at the Durbin Community Library May 7 took the cooperation of local churches in the Durbin area to find and to give invitations to those who care for the sick and disabled in the community.

Robert Smith, Mike Waybright and Daniel and Linda Arbogast provided the entertainment, playing and singing gospel tunes.

A meal was joyfully served by the Warriors in Christ Bible study group and, as Susan Gallew commented, “it was unusual to be served a meal.”

There was talk and laughter and sharing of stories amid the entertainment and the desserts. Several caregivers were invited and nine attended the event. Many of them could not make it in the end, but they were acknow- ledged with an invitation, some of which were delivered with a visit by members of their church families.

The fact that there are many caregivers who would like to get a breather but who are vital to their role at home, points to the great need for respite services for caregivers outside of larger communities.

Donna Rexrode who does specialized care for the Senior Center told library staff afterwards that the Senior Center is a point of contact for caregivers of seniors.

But if you get a chance to share a kindness or a story with one of those hardworking people make a point to do it and do not let the opportunity go by.

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