Residents are being advised of a phone scam which has made its way into Pocahontas County.

Claiming to be with the U. S. Treasury, the caller says that the person being called is facing an indictment for tax evasion. The caller uses the come-on, “If you help us, we’ll help you.”

Do not give any personal information to anyone over the telephone.

In addition to the fact that the U.S. Treasury would not contact a taxpayer by phone, these inaccuracies have been detected, as well:
1.One call, from San Diego, California, was made at 5:30 a.m. Pacific time, long before any office would be open.
2.Another was received on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day when all government agencies are closed.
3.The caller had a foreign accent and used the name “Steve Martin.”

One phone number reported to be associated with the scam is 631-412-7861.

If you receive a call such as this, hang up and contact the Pocahontas County Sheriff’s department.

Please share this information with older residents who may not have access to the Internet.