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Customer Appreciation Day in Buckeye

Saturday was a beautiful fall day – perfect weather for outside activities – and Buckeye was a busy place from early morning to nightfall.

An estimated 300 people passed through the gates of the Buckeye Home, Farm, Lawn and Garden Center.

All ages mingled to have a good time playing games, listening to live music, eating good food and visiting with friends and neighbors.

The Eades Mountain Boys from Greenbrier County, and Delmus Bennett and friends from Nicholas County, provided music, entertainment and laughs for the crowd.

Drawings were held throughout the day – two tickets at a time – one gift for adults and one gift for children. I’m sure the children were thrilled to be included.

I spent most of my time visiting with friends and reminiscing.

So many of our conversations started with “I remember.”

Chris Wilfong and I recalled the grilled cheese sandwiches I enjoyed when she cooked at Pocahontas Memorial Hospital.

Lloyd Arbogast sat a spell with me and we had an enjoyable exchange.

He made two comments about what he has learned in life.

“We don’t know how to live until we’re too old to live.”

So, folks, let’s enjoy and live each day.

The other comment was, “There’s only one thing certain in life, and that is change.”

How true. Look at all the changes we’ve seen in our lifetime.

It was nice to talk with Lake Vaughan.

Where does the time go?

I remember him as a young man.

Danny Friel and his daughter, Hillary, cooked hot dogs on the grill and served them up with all the trimmings.

Chris Wilfong prepared the homemade chili sauce – that’s what makes a hot dog!

The day ended with a spectacular fireworks display.

I enjoyed watching them from my deck at home.

It was a wonderful day.

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