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Advisory regarding Cheat Mountain Water Company test results

Shawn Cassell
PR Specialist
Snowshoe Mountain

As result of regular testing protocol, elevated levels of lead slightly exceeding EPA limits were detected in water at two Cheat Mountain Water Company serviced locations. The source of lead is uncertain at this time but both locations are early 1980s era buildings, and the use of copper plumbing and lead solder was common at that time.

Cheat Mountain Water Company has notified affected customers and will offer assistance and guidance as they develop their response plans. All Cheat Mountain Water Company customers will receive documentation of the findings with their next bill.

Cheat Mountain Water Company does not use lead service lines within its distribution system, and is unaware of any lead service lines being used by customers in the water system.

If you would like to acquire a kit to test at your home, kits are available at the following sites and need to be submitted for lab testing: or or

For more information, please contact Tex Ritter, Director of Mountain Operations, at 304-572-5626.

For more information on reducing lead exposure around your home/building and the health effects of lead, visit the EPA website at or contact your healthcare provider.

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