A slow news night at MTC

PROGRESS IS BEING made with the Town of Marlinton’s Water Improvement Project. As part of those improvements, a new water tank has been installed near Cemetery Road. S. Stewart photo

Jaynell Graham

Marlinton Town Council zipped through its agenda Monday night in near record time.

Two agenda items dealt with water – the first, construction and repair of the town water system, and the second, ensuring construction of new non-residential structures are above flood level.

Region IV Planning and Development Community Project Specialist Cassandra Lawson presented, and council approved payment of, invoices totaling $561,426.63 for construction, engineering and administration costs associated with the continuing Water Improvement Project.

Council members Sue Helton and Norris Long, as a committee, having met with Mayor Sam Felton and Floodplain Coordinator David Watkins, presented their recommendations for amending the town’s Floodplain Ordinance.

All non-residential construction must adhere to the ordinance, as written.

With regard to Section 5.3 of the ordinance: Elevation and Flood Proofing Information, the committee recommended the ordinance be amended as follows:

“All applicants are encouraged to exceed the minimum flood proofing requirements contained herein. Flood insurance rates can be lowered significantly by increasing the level of flood proofing above the height required by this ordinance. In order to obtain an ‘elevation credited’ flood insurance rate on dry flood proofed buildings, flood proofing must extend at least five-tenths (0.5) feet above the Base Flood Elevation.”

Council accepted the recommendation to amend the ordinance; it now moves to a second and third reading.

Upon adoption and passage of the amendment, this language will be made a part of all future building permits granted by the town’s Floodplain Manager.

In other matters, council

• Appointed Gail Hyer, Nelson Hernandez and council member Scott Gibb to serve as a Rental Property Compliance and Permit Committee.

• Approved a $500 donation to Allegheny Mountain Radio.

• Approved an RV variance for a proposed campground at the end of Third Avenue and 12th Street.

Council meets the first Monday of the month, holidays excluded, at 7 p.m. in council chambers on the second floor of the municipal building.

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