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A lot of work, but hard to stack

Marlinton Mayor Sam Felton provided a two-page narrative as his Mayor’s Report at Monday night’s Town Council meeting.
That narrative covered a wide variety of issues including the news that all the town’s water reports are in and up-to-date.
But other water and sewer issues continue to plague the town, as Felton reported that a significant water break have been located and repaired on First Avenue Monday.
Fred Hypes, of Dunn Engineers, Inc. updated council on the progress of the water plant project. He met with the water plant operators earlier in the day and talked with them about tools for line and tank repairs which would make their jobs easier. He advised council that these tools would provide a means for more effectively keeping check on things at the plant and in the lines, until such time as work begins on the planned improvements to the town’s water system.
Hypes stressed the need to move forward with those improvements.
“Water loss does not get better over time,” he said.
Council approved Jim Mitchum as the town’s Sewer Plant Chief Operator. Mitchum is a Class III Operator and has been working for the town for a month. His employment came at a most opportune time, as the town received a Consent Order from the Department of Environmental Protection outlining violations pertaining to the town’s lagoon. Those issues, covering a long period of time, included everything from housekeeping to chemicals.
Mitchum explained some of the violations to council, and said, “the whole idea is to fix them.”
A contractor has been hired to mow the area around the lagoon as a start.
Mitchum and Felton will meet Wednesday to draft a response to the Consent Order and to lay out a time-frame for compliance.
Continuing in improvement mode, former Mayor Joe Smith asked council to pass a Resolution authorizing Felton to submit a grant application on behalf of the town to the Land and Water Conservation Fund for $25,000 to go toward completion of a project adjacent to the Pocahontas County Opera House. That area has been cleaned up, leveled and graveled for parking at this time. The project, when completed, will consist of a handicapped accessible outdoor stage, with a break/dressing room attached, lighting, two green areas with picnic tables and a paved parking and seating area.
Council approved the resolution.
The second reading of the Animal and Fowl ordinance was tabled until all requirements for such an ordinance have been met.
In other business, council:
·         Approved a $2,500 contribution to the Pocahontas County Free Libraries
·         Approved the hiring of Larry Simmons, of Hillsboro, as Water Plant Trainee
·         Authorized the mayor to hire part-time employees at his discretion
·         Hired Glen Galloway as Municipal Judge
·         Disbursed the Dog Tax to the Pocahontas County Humane Society and the Pocahontas County Animal Shelter
·         Agreed to invite a DNR representative to address the new council concerning a proposed deer hunt within town limits.
Marlinton Town Council meets the first Monday of each month at 7 p.m. in council chambers on the second floor of the Marlinton Municipal Building.

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