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2016 Candidate Forum – Prosecuting Attorney

From left: Robert Martin and Eugene Simmons
From left: Robert Martin and Eugene Simmons

Allegheny Mountain Radio hosted Candidate Forums for the county and state election. Prosecuting Attorney candidates Robert Martin and Eugene Simmons answered six questions asked by AMR Pocahontas County reporter Tim Walker and The Pocahontas Times reporter Suzanne Stewart.

Candidates opened the forum with a statement:

Question #1: Why are you running to be County Prosecutor?

Question #2: What experience, training, education or approach do you uniquely possess which would make you more suited to serve as county prosecutor than your opponent?

Question #3: The West Virginia Supreme Court judges, apparently unhappy with the way the Pocahontas County Drug Court was operating, recently turned management of Drug Court over to Greenbrier County. If elected, would you attempt to convince the justices to return it, or are you content to let Greenbrier County run it?

Due to technical difficulties, the remaining questions and closing statements were not filmed. The audio is accompanied by a photo of the candidates.

Question #4: The County Commission recently decided to establish and run its own Community Corrections Program. Do you agree with that or should Randolph County have continued to run it, or should it have accepted Greenbrier County’s offer to run it?

Question #5: Would you describe yourself as a person who favors strict enforcement of all the drug laws or are you willing to view drug crimes as non-violent crimes worthy of prosecutorial discretion regarding charging and recommending sentences.

Question #6: Do you support efforts in the state Legislature to legalize marijuana – either for medical or even recreational use?

Closing statements

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