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October 7, 1915
The football game between the G.P.S. and Marlinton, at Marlinton, resulted in a tie, neither side being able to make a score.

M.E. Pue has been lying desperately ill at the Marlinton Hospital since Saturday evening when he was found lying in the Swago road, near the Aaron Kee place, in an unconscious condition. His horse was near, and it was presumed he had been thrown off and had struck his head. On Wednesday he became conscious and told how the accident happened. The horse had shied at a piece of paper, wheeled suddenly and he had fallen off on his head. As we go to press, his condition is somewhat improved.
The Farm Products Exhibit for Pocahontas County held at Marlinton last Friday and Saturday, under the auspices of the Pocahontas County Agricultural Improvement Association, was a great success in every particular, in spite of rain and high water.
Thursday evening, Thursday night the rain came down in torrents, bringing up the small streams to big flood stage, but in spite of all, nearly a thousand entries were listed in the various divisions and classes. The show was more like a national or state exhibition than that of a single county. What would have happened or where the products could have been put had the weather been promising is a question that must be considered in preparation for the exhibit to be held next year.
It puzzles many people to know what is meant when one speaks of a ship of 50,000 tons, especially when we read that the ship has a displacement of 57,000 tons, gross tonnage of 52,117 tons, deadweight capacity of 12,000 tons.
To begin with, the word ton has not the same meaning as in the case of a ton of coal. It is not a ton weight, but a measure of capacity representing hundred cubic feet of space in a ship. Several kinds of tonnage is spoken of by shipping men, and the method of ascertaining them is sometimes very complicated indeed, so complicated that it has been said that no two men could calculate the tonnage of a ship and reach exactly the same result.
The two chief tonnages are displacement and gross tonnage. Displacement tonnage, which is usually spoken of in connection with war ships, means an actual weight of water displaced by a vessel when say, she is leaving a port fully laden. This in the case of a battleship, includes not only the weight of the ship’s fabric, but that of all the coal, guns, ammunition, officers, men, stores that she is carrying. The estimate is made by calculating the exact number of cubic feet occupied by the vessel, including the rudder, propellers and propeller shafting below the waterline and dividing by 35, because 35 cubic feet of sea water weighs one ton.
Gross tonnage is the cubic contents of the vessel’s interior, ascertained by measuring all space below the second deck and all permanently enclosed spaces on that deck and all decks above, and dividing the result by 100…
The enterprising town of Cass is in the forward move religiously, financially and politically.
The camp meeting closed with evidence of good having been done.
Samuel Hevener and wife cater to the appetite of Col. Stewartson E. Wamsley and Philips, of Randolph; Walker, of Ronceverte; Anderson of Virginia; while J. Borinkison and wife see after the wants of the loggers.
East Cass is noted for the number of quadrupeds and bipeds that inhabit the place.
The town of Spruce is on a boom. The S. P. V. P. Co. seems to be the center from which springs the activity to town and surrounding community.
The town of Durbin is soon to have a cigar factory. We learn F. C. Arbogast is interested in this enterprise.
The Tannery school opened Monday with Prof. E. E. Lester, principal and Miss McComb, assistant.
Squires Hudson and Marshall combined the case of some Austrians, Polanders and Russians. The trouble was caused by a few leaders wanting to dictate to the others; some of them were bound over to await the action of the grand jury.  
Mrs. Mary Fertig is visiting on the Creek. We are glad to see her, as this is her first visit here since she was crippled several months ago.
Dennis Grimes and Miss Mary Bussard were married Wednesday, September 29, at Albert Perry’s.

The death angel visited our community three times in three days last week. The first one to be taken was Merritt Gray, the eight months old son of Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Sutton, whose death occurred Thursday morning. The neighborhood was shocked again Friday morning by the sudden death of Newton Ervine, caused by making a misstep and falling down the stairs at the home of Rev. C. C. Arbogast. During burial service of Mr. Ervine, the message came that Merritt Ray, the twin brother of Merritt had gone to be with his brother in the spirit world. The father and mother have the sympathy of the entire neighborhood, so also do the wife and children of Mr. Ervine.

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