September 23, 1965

Howard Mullens says a swarm of honey bees have moved in his house and he may have to move out. They went in under the roof and right down between the walls.
– – –
John Hayslett brought in a badly rusted and crusted ax head Monday they had uncovered about three feet down during operations for a new well and pipeline at the State Road Garage. This is the location of the Old Campbell Lumber Company yard.
A real gully washer hit on this side of Kennison Mountain Thursday in the late afternoon and did a lot of damage on the Bruffey Creek side and on the head of Stamping Creek. The State Road estimated $4,000 damage on Rt. 39 due to a slide and washed ditches, shoulders and culvert pipe. Below at Rainetown, two bridges were washed out, which will cost $8,000 each to replace, this time with stone or concrete abutment, plus about $500 damage to the washed road.
On Bruffey Creek a 48-inch pipe was washed out, cost about $400, and about $1,000 damages to the roadway and channel. Averill Williams’ house was completely turned around and Remus Williams had water rushing through the house and the foundation washed out.
About the same time a barn belonging to Richard McNeel, near Hillsboro, was apparently struck by lightning and burned, destroying about a hundred tons of hay.
On Friday night, a downpour of rain centered on Hillsboro, with about three inches of rain in a short time.

M.H.S. Homecoming
Alice Kelley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Otis Kelley, of Minnehaha Springs, has been elected to reign as Homecoming Queen when Marlinton plays White Sulphur Springs September 24.
She is President of the A.D.D.s, Parliamentarian of F. H. A. and Treasurer of the National Honor Society. Last year she was a representative at “Know Your Government Day” in Charleston and a Junior Guide at Graduation.
Alice is also a member of the Minnehaha Braves 4-H Club, and attends the New Hope Lutheran Church at Minnehaha Springs.
The Junior class has planned one of the biggest Homecoming celebrations in the history of Marlinton High School.
The band will help in the half-time ceremony which will include the crowning of the Football Queen, Alice Kelley. Her attendants will be included in the ceremony. They are: Shirley Tibbs, Annette Eye, Carol Sue Thomas, Wanda Menefee, Pam Dilley Sharpes and Patty Rimel.
Elaine Friel will carry the Queen’s crown and Randy Stemple will carry the scepter.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Marvin DeJong, of Bartow, a daughter.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. William B. Workman, of Hillsboro, a son, named Charles Porter. This makes the maternal grandmother, Mrs. Susie Rogers, at Buckeye, 21 grandchildren.
George Wallace (Mose) Lange, 82; a son of the late John H. and Mary Sharp Lange. Burial in the Cochran Cemetery on Stony Creek.
James Allen Turner, 45, of Ashtabula, formerly of Lobelia. Burial in the Emmanuel Church Cemetery.
Elliott C. Smith, 74, of Spencer, formerly of Pocahontas county; a son of the late Grant and Ella Moore Smith. Burial in Mountain View Cemetery.
Mrs. Allie Moore, 74, of Fortuna, California; born near Huntersville, a daughter of the late Adam C. and Henrietta Moore. Burial in Sunset Memorial Cemetery in Eureka, California.

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